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Over the last few days footage has emerged of a Ferrari caught on test, nothing new in that maybe except that this particular test mule makes no noise. The short 18-second clip shows a Ferrari 488 prototype testing at Fiorano in complete silence, suggesting it could be running the hybrid system for Ferrari’s forthcoming SUV in 2019.

The video shows what looks like a Ferrari 488 as it makes its way around Turn 2 of the track, before making a full stop right before turn 1, that leads to the pits. After a brief pause, the Ferrari accelerates and speeds down the track without making a single sound. Last year, Marchionne said that a Ferrari with a hybrid V8 drivetrain would arrive in 2019, and he hinted that it might not use a kinetic energy-recovery system (KERS) like the LaFerrari.

So a hybrid is on the way, the question is, whether this test car spied is a prototype for a 488 successor, itself only 2 years away or the aforementioned SUV, either way for now Ferrari is keeping quiet…

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