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Maserati Levante V6 Petrol S is here

We have driven the diesel version of the Maserati Levante and it's overall ability left us impressed, a real alternative to the usual Chelsea tractors on the Sainsbury car park. We did question at the time of the Levante's launch why a petrol version wasn't available, to which Maserati simply said they didn't think the

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Levante is top of the class

We recently covered Bowkers Maserati launch of the Italian marques very first SUV, the Levante and they kindly invited Enzari back to take one for a road test, so of course we said 'yes please!' 'It doesn't look that big' is my first thought when approaching the new Maserati Levante, I'd heard comments from certain corners

Bowkers Maserati unveil new Levante

A new addition to the family is always welcome but when that new addition is a break from the norm you can understand the apprehension, even more so for an Italian marque who's very tagline is 'Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars', a car manufacturer who has been building cars since 1914, with

Alfa Romeo Giulia arrives with Mangoletsi

It's a saturday morning in November, wet roads and a cold wind, but being the weekend these roads are quieter than normal, I think to myself that's probably a good thing as I approach my destination. That destination is Mangoletsi near Knutsford in Cheshire. The renowned and well respected FCA dealer had offered EnZari the

Alfa Romeo Giulia: Driven!

It seems an age we've been waiting for the Giulia, a car Alfa Romeo claims good enough to give the Germans a bloody nose in the world of cars. Not since the 159 has the Italian marque had a model to compete in the junior exec class, in that time little has changed, the BMW

Fiat 124 Spider revival is refreshingly spirited

Revival The Fiat 124 Spider is a Fiat icon, a sports car introduced in the 60’s that showed the world Italian flair could be enjoyed on 4 wheels with the hood down without being a Ferrari, a car for us normal mere mortals. More than 600,000 spiders where built, 5,000 of which are still on

Abarth 695 Mad but fun

So I think the idea was a simple one 'create a pocket rocket supercar' or as Abarth tell us, make a track car for the road, start with a not so sluggish Abarth 595 and just max everything up! It's fair to say on looks alone the Biposto gains as much in looks as it loses in weight. At

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Italian Workhorse on a Budget

It’s easy to get carried away with the romance when looking at used Italian cars, the Alfa Romeo Spider will turn heads all day long, the Fiat Coupe is so nicely designed you just find yourself admiring the fine details let alone that lovely 20v petrol engine. However if you’re looking for something to carry

Alfa Romeo 159 – Left of the Middle

Despite the term 'left of the middle' being connected to the little Oz singer Natalie Imbruglia, it actually refers to something more liberal or radical, which is exactly where Alfa Romeo likes itself to be, although they continue to take on the motoring giants from Germany, they refuse to follow their lead when it comes to the