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Abarth 124 Enjoys More Success in the Harghita Rally in Romania

The Abarth 124 rally is as fast and competitive as ever and is dominating the spectacular R-GT category this season. In the Harghita Rally, valid for the Rumanian Championship, young Florin Tincescu (ROM) and Alina Pop (ROM) at the wheel of their Bernini Rally team Abarth 124, assertively predominated in the R-GT and the 2WD

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Rally and Track for the Abarth Racing Weekend

Another exciting weekend is in store for the drivers who have chosen Abarth Racing cars to compete in two different thrilling motorsport categories. In Romania, young driver Florin Tincescu (ROM) with co-driver Alina Pop (ROM) will be competing in the Harghita Rally at the wheel of their Team Bernini Rally Abarth 124 rally. Strong of

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Abarth 124 rally Flies to Victory in the Rallye Aveyron Rouergue Occitanie in France

The Abarth 124 rally muscled its way to the top in the French Rally Championship. In the Rallye Aveyron Rouergue Occitanie, the fifth round of the French Championship, young driver Nicolas Ciamin (FRA), in team with Antony Vilanova (FRA), scored a clear win in the R-GT+ and 2WD category, landing an excellent fifth place in

Two Abarth 124 compete in the Rallye Aveyron Rouergue Occitanie in France

Two Abarth 124 rally from the Milano Racing Team are competing this weekend in the Rallye Aveyron Rouergue Occitanie, the fifth stage of the French Championship, starting in Rodez on Friday 6 July. The cars are entrusted to the young Nicolas Ciamin (FRA), paired with Antony Vilanova (FRA) and to gentleman driver Richard Bourcier (FRA)

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Abarth 124 rally on the podium: Nucita-Vozzo third overall in the Rally Zelezniki in Slovenia

The Abarth 124 rally is becoming more and more competitive at all levels, and last weekend it recorded an excellent third place overall and victory in the R-GT class in the Rally Zelezniki, valid for the Slovenian Championship. So there is no sign of a break in this car's sequence of R-GT wins, as last

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Abarth 124 rally Seeking More Wins in Europe

Three Abarth 124 rally cars will be competing in three different countries - Slovenia, Czech Republic and San Marino - this weekend for the Abarth 124 rally Selenia International Challenge, that until now has allowed its drivers to grasp 15 wins in the FIA R-GT Cup and in eight national championships. In Slovenia, the Bernini

Abarth Shines On Rally And Circuit Events

It was a spectacular few days for the Abarth 124 rally in the Syntium Rally, in the Czech Republic, and on the Misano World Circuit, where six exciting Abarth races were held during the ACI Racing Weekend. All eyes were on the Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione, the Abarth 500 Assetto Corse and the F4

Abarth is back in action in the rallies and on the track: excitement and adrenaline is expected next weekend

Following its two victories in Spain and France, the Abarth 124 Rally is back on the track, attempting to get yet another seasonal success. Next weekend in the Czech Republic. The 124 Rally of the Agrotec Czech Abarth Team, driven by Martin Rada (CZE) and Jaroslav Jugas (CZE), will race in the Syntium Rally, which

The Abarth 124 Rally adds two new victories at the Spanish and French Rally Championships

The Abarth 124 Rally remains the one to beat in the R-GT class of the most important European rally championships. A row of 16 class successes with excellent positions. In the Rallye de Ourense in Spain, the fourth round of the Spanish Tarmac Rally Championship, the Abarth 124 Rally of Alberto Monarri (SPA) and Rodrigo

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Another International Abarth Weekend

The next weekend will be packed with exciting new challenges for Abarth drivers - from rallies in France and Spain to the fourth race of the ADAC F4 Championship powered by Abarth in Austria, not to mention the Rally d'Italia Sardegna with 2018 Aci Rally Italia Talent sponsored by Abarth winners Andrea Nori and Sofia

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