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imageA new addition to the family is always welcome but when that new addition is a break from the norm you can understand the apprehension, even more so for an Italian marque who’s very tagline is ‘Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars’, a car manufacturer who has been building cars since 1914, with a current line up of sports saloons and grand tourers an SUV is a brave step.

imageThe launch of this new addition was held by Bowkers Maserati to introduce the new Levante, an SUV from a prestigious car company announced at a prestigious car dealer was very well suited. Levante, the Maserati of SUV’s was introduced by Paul Bowker, the car had been kept under wraps and despite seeing the images in various motoring publications, when unveiled the Levante has even more presence, from the opulent grille to the natural yet muscular lines, the SUV is a very striking car. At some angles it’s beautiful, others it seems very purposeful. Above all there’s no mistaking it’s a Maserati.image

imageTalking and listening to the guests, the common consensus seemed to confirm why in some countries there is a 6 month waiting list for the Levante. It has a very definite appeal, in true Maserati style, sitting in the Levante feels a sense of occasion, swathed in leather, comfortable, easy touch controls, you can envisage climbing out after a trip across the continent as refreshed as when you first sat down.image

imageAn event which was well attended by the VIP guests, certainly Bowkers Maserati’s were kept busy, mainly with ‘When can we test drive it?’ Or ‘Is there a waiting list?’ questions. Making it a relaxed and successful evening, there was no doubt who stole the limelight, the Levante is a stunning addition to the Maserati family, if you haven’t seen it yet, your missing out!



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