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A Classic Car Club – Get That Incredible Feeling

The Incredible Feeling of Joining A Classic Car Club There are a lot of different cars that you can buy. Millions of cars are purchased on a regular basis, and many of them are nothing grand. People purchase vehicles all the time and they simply drive them to and from work. They do this and

Italian Cars – 4 reasons why you should invest in one

The Reasons You Should Invest In Italian Cars There are a lot of different cars on the road. You already know this. But not all the cars that you see are alluring, well designed, and bring about a sense of power and performance. For the most part, automobile enthusiasts go with practical options. But what

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Making Friends With Auto Italian Car Enthusiasts

There is a lot of different cars that have come through Italy. Italian designers have been creating some incredible vehicles and people have loved them tremendously. Today, millions of these cars are still on the road. Whether you have a car or you dream of purchasing a classic, you should look into meeting others in

Ultimate Car Wash & Detailing Guide

Ultimate Car Wash & Detailing Guide 2016 Edition For all you auto Italian car enthusiasts out there, whether you’re from Club Fiat 500, the Alfa Club or have a beautiful Ferrari on the driveway, this guide will help ensure that after driving your classic car or Italian car around on a beautiful summers day, that

Alfa Romeo joins the self-driving car revolution!

We reported a few weeks again that despite the much anticipated Alfa Romeo Giulia being billed as a pure driver's car—especially in 505-horsepower, twin-turbo, stick-shift Quadrifogliospec. Alfa Romeo hopes to have Tesla Autopilot-style semi-autonomous tech available as an option on the upcoming sport saloon. The rumour seems to have been confirmed this week, speaking with

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The Fiat 124 Spider will sweep you off your feet!

With the order books open for the new Fiat 124 Spider, Fiat is hoping the performance Abarth version will bring even more drivers into its fold, the same way they've had success with the Abarth 500 Fiat says the Abarth 124 Spider is “set to sweep a new generation off their feet with its stunning

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Maserati Levant in HUGE demand!

Maserati are recalling over 500 workers to help with demand of the new Levante, the companies first SUV, at their plant in Italy to increase production. Workers will return from furlough to the Mirafiori facility after having completed production training for the Levante. About 500 workers currently at the facility started producing the brand’s first-ever

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Lamborghini Urus SUV set for Frankfurt motor show debut

The unveiling of the production version of the Urus is expected to take place at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company claims the Urus will seat four occupants and have a huge luggage compartment. Being an SUV, it will feature raised ground clearance and permanent all-wheel drive system. The interior will be been made

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Ferrari’s New Kermit Mobile!

Apparently this green Ferrari is called Verde Kers Lucido, this unique shade of green is what Ferrari’s Tailor Made division have come up with for a Ferrari F12tdf customer. Obviously this owner felt a Ferrari F12tdf wasn't unique enough and felt the need to stand out from the crowd even more, I'm sure it will

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