Ferrari celebrates 70 years since it’s first victory in Formula 1

Ferrari to celebrate 70 years since the  Scuderia’s first victory in Formula 1 with an exceptional event at Silverstone

Next Sunday, before the start of the British Grand Prix – a historic race, which has always been on the world calendar – Scuderia Ferrari will remember in a special way the 70 years since the first of its 238 Formula 1 victories, which came on July 14, 1951 at Silverstone thanks to the Argentine José Froilàn Gonzàlez in a 375 F1.

Charles as “El Cabezon”. An example of this legendary car is about to leave for England from the Classics department in Maranello, where it has undergone a complete restoration in recent months. The 375 F1 will therefore again hear at Silverstone the roar of its twelve-cylinder engine driven for a few laps by Charles Leclerc, who boasts two Formula 1 victories with the Scuderia just like “El Cabezon”, to use the nickname with which Gonzàlez was known in the environment.

Evolution in the wake of tradition. Since then, many things have changed: above all the shape of the cars, but also – and fortunately – the safety standards and the design of the Silverstone circuit itself, now more driven than 70 years ago. Formula 1 is, after all, a constantly evolving sport, in which technological research is always pushed to the limit and the attention to detail is spasmodic. It is also true, however, that at the foundations of this discipline there are values, traditions and collaborations that last over time. Not surprisingly, in 1951, just like now, the Scuderia’s fuels and lubricants were Shell, Pirelli tires and SKF bearings.

Special logo. The 70 years since Ferrari’s first success in Formula 1 will also be remembered by the team in the SF21s of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz on track at Silverstone. A celebratory logo will appear on the halo of both cars. Finally, in honor of the recent victory of the Italian national football team at Euro2020, won 53 years after their last success in 1968, the hashtag #grazieAzzurri will appear on both SF21s this weekend.

First F1 win 70th anniversary

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