Lancia D50: Ascari’s car from Turin

After the inauguration of the renovated starting pitch dedicated to Ascari, which took place last week featuring the Lancia D50, we thought what a great reason to revisit this classic Formula One car from the 50’s.

The legendary Lancia D50, a car synonymous with racing driver Alberto Ascari, who won the Formula One Grand Prix in Turin back in 1955. The mythical Lancia D50 was the first Formula One single-seater produced by Lancia and behind the wheel was the unforgettable Alberto Ascari, Formula One World Champion in 1952 and 1953.

The date was the 27 March 1955 in Turin, Ascari was in already in the lead by the midpoint of the race. The official stats tell us that he won in a time of 2h 40m 22s with an average speed of 141.437 km/h, 27s ahead of second-placed Argentinian driver Roberto Mieres. In short, it was a triumph for Lancia, whose other two Lancia D50 cars in the race, driven by Luigi Villoresi and Eugenio Castellotti, took third and fourth place respectively.

The car was a technological marvel capable of reaching 300 km/h.

What’s more, the Lancia D50 had all the credentials needed to win. A 90 degree V8 engine with 2.5 L displacement, which was limited by Formula One regulations in force from 1 January 1954. Outrigger-style pannier fuel tanks on each side of the car, between the front and rear wheels. Independent wheel suspension at the front and De Dion axle suspension at the rear. A rear-mounted clutch/gearbox/differential assembly. A five-speed transaxle gearbox. Dual ignition with twin spark plugs per cylinder.

The engine was mounted at a 12° incline relative to the longitudinal axis of the car, allowing the propshaft to pass left of the driver’s seat. The resulting lower seat position reduced the height of the cockpit for better aerodynamics and speed.

That’s why the Lancia D50 was capable of reaching 300 km/h!

In short, it was a technological marvel. In the hands of a champion such as Alberto Ascari, it was almost inevitable when the Lancia D50 won the very last Turin Formula One Grand Prix in 1955.

ENGINE: V8 Otto cycle, anterior longitudinal, 2488 cm³
POWER: 260 HP @ 8.000 rpm
SPEED: 300 km/h
WEIGHT: 608 kg
DESIGN: Lancia (Vittorio Jano)
TYPE OF BODY: Formula One racing car
*Special thanks to FCA/Stellantis Heritage

Lancia D50

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