Abarth 850 TC – An authentic passion

For this week’s throwback Thursday a quick trip through the FCA, sorry Stellantis, Heritage archives uncovers a story of a child’s dream involving an Abarth 850TC…

The passion for classic cars is truly international, with enthusiasts in every corner of the world. Gian Pietro Guatelli is a massive fan of the Scorpion brand who obtained the Abarth Classiche Certification of Authenticity for his 850 TC.

It was 1965 when some young guy in a small town in Lomellina bought a car that all the kids fell in love with. It made a fabulous noise and went like a rocket.

One of those fascinated kids was Gian Pietro Guatelli.

“It was a Fiat Abarth 850 and that was when my passion was born,” recalls Gian Pietro. From that moment onwards, he decided that he absolutely had to have one all to himself. It was no mean feat finding a car that ticked all the boxes.

“My search lasted decades, until 2013, when I met a devotee industry professional in Fermo.

I’d found it, it was my Fiat Abarth 850 TC.

Still perfect and carefully looked after, the car conveys the same pure passion for performance of the Scorpion brand as it did in the past.

“Before I bought it, the car had always been kept in tip-top shape. All I do is continue taking care of it with minor periodic maintenance, always making sure the engine is warm before running it, taking it for a spin every month and checking the fluids. The performance is priceless. The Oltrepò hills or the roads used for the 4 Regions Rally are my favourite routes.”

To confirm and enhance the historical value of his car, Gian Pietro decided to contact FCA Heritage and the Officine Classiche workshops to request one of the services available to fans and lovers of classic Abarth cars: Certification of Authenticity. 

“Getting my Fiat Abarth 850 TC certified by Officine Abarth was a no-brainer. It was a unique experience and I’m very happy I did it. The Officine Classiche mechanics and technicians show great professionalism, but above all innate passion for these cars, just like mine.”

The words and eyes of Gian Pietro Guatelli betray an unremitting, ageless enthusiasm. Before we say goodbye, he just has time to share a special thought about the models of the Scorpion brand, which have left an indelible mark: “I’m really delighted about the fact that even today, Abarth continues to excite young adults and children alike, just like that kid from Lomellina in the 1960s.”

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