Fiat 500 Hybrid stars in a new music video

The Fiat 500 Hybrid stars in a new video, “Uno” by Ermal Meta, together to give voice to a powerful message of social inclusion

Just released is “Uno”, the new video by Ermal Meta, the multifaceted artiste who has always focused on the social and cultural issues of our times. One “participant” in the video is the iconic 500, the epitome of design and coolness.
The video can be viewed here.

Directed by Tiziano Russo for the Kappa Kom production house, the film is a journey of words and music, highlighting the themes of inclusion and joie de vivre, using the classic football “kick-around” as a metaphor for life, mutual respect and friendship. Actually, all it takes is a ball to joyously live out a moment of togetherness and fun. In the video, we see the artiste get out of his Fiat 500 Sport Hybrid to meet a group of friends, including Napoli footballer Eleonora Goldoni. Together, they give a vibrant, vivacious show in song, the only way a meet-up made up of happiness can be, under the same sky: “visti da su siamo tutti uguali” (“seen from above, we’re all the same”).

Underlying this product placement is Fiat’s desire to support initiatives and projects that promote the principles of democracy and inclusion – universal values the brand shares with the worlds of music and sport, but also to make the most sophisticated technologies accessible to all. Just like the 70-hp Mild Hybrid engine in the 500 Sport, an efficient, compact and lightweight hybrid powertrain, offering a fun, comfortable driving experience, as well as reducing consumption and emissions. Launched in 2020 in the 500 and Panda, Mild Hybrid technology marked Fiat’s entry point into the world of electrification. It very quickly made the brand the undisputed benchmark in Europe for electrified urban mobility, thus opening access to hybrid cars to all.

A final word must go to the fact that, for decades, Fiat has lent its image not only to outstanding sports teams – as seen in its prestigious, long-standing sponsorship of the Italian Football Federation, acting as Top Partner and Official Car of the Italian national team, but also to all the different activities taking place every day on tracks and in gyms and swimming pools all over Italy. Just one example is the sustained cooperation between Fiat and CONI, the organization that supports various local businesses to make sports part of the common good.

For more information on the 500 family, please visit: www.fiat.co.uk

Ermal Meta drives a Fiat 500 in the' Uno'

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