Alfa Romeo opens its new headquarters

Alfa Romeo has chosen the Centro Stile as the site for its new headquarters, an iconic and inspirational place for the brand, where the fullest expression of Italian design is intertwined with an advanced concept of operating spaces in the name of the sharing of ideas and teamwork

Alfa Romeo continues to work with commitment and passion on its future, to grasp all the opportunities generated by the establishment of Stellantis, the 4th largest automaker in the world, accelerating the transition to the professional future of the women and men who bring the brand alive.
In the past year, the global scenario has led to a rethink of the way of working according to tenets. The brand has focused its energy on opening a new headquarters in which to welcome employees in a new concept of shared and open spaces, which – from their architecture onwards – facilitate teamwork, the dissemination of ideas, and discussion.

A historic, inspirational location

Such an environment was identified as the Centro Stile on Via Plava, a redeveloped part of the Mirafiori plant on the premises of the historic Officine 83 workshops. An iconic location, it is strongly bound to tradition: after all, over 110 years, beauty and dynamism have always been the hallmarks of every Alfa Romeo creation. The entire Biscione team can now work closely with the designers who have and continue to create models that have become part of history, which in turns takes on even more of an inspirational value.

A space where the future is brought about as a result of experience

As noted, the recently renovated headquarters features large, bright spaces, heavily customized according to the tenets of the brand’s style, with workstations specially designed to facilitate interaction and cooperation to the greatest extent. Outdoor working spaces are also included.
The new Alfa Romeo team has helped to customize the spaces by bringing with them effects related to the history of the brand and their professional experiences, to intermingle the past, their personal involvement and future ambitions.

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