The Lamborghini Urus Super Six

Lamborghini Urus: 6 driving modes to enjoy the Super SUV in 6 different ways

The Lamborghini Urus keeps on delivering a dynamism to be enjoyed by both driver and passengers. The speed record set last week at Baikal Lake is the latest emotion delivered by the Super SUV.

The Urus offers six different driving modes plus EGO, which allows the driver to fully customize the car’s set-up, choosing the required rigidity for a very comfortable ride to an extremely sporty, aggressive setting dependent on driving style and road conditions.

Check out these pictures of the Urus on and off different roads.

NEVE: the Arancio Borealis of the new Urus Pearl Capsule stands out from the brightness of ice and snow, ready for new adventures, together with the Urus record-breaker at the Days of Speed on ice at Baikal Lake.

TERRA: off-road discoveries, like here on the wild tracks of Iceland

SABBIA: higher ground clearance for climbing dunes, here in Nazarè, Portugal

STRADA: for daily life, comfort enhanced by height adapted to speed, here in Rome, Italy

SPORT: enjoying country roads with no fear for up hills, down hills and turns here in Altai, Russia

CORSA: performance oriented, minimum roll, racing at the track, here in Vallelunga Circuit, Italy.

Lamborghini Urus: the most versatile Lamborghini for everyday driving

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