New Fiat Tipo Cross reveals Italian carmakers new design language

The new Tipo Cross is not only Fiat’s first proposal in the popular C- Crossover / SUV category , but also launches a series of new elements that will characterize the brand’s new design language.

With a deep tradition in the field of design, the Italians have developed their own school in the field of automobiles, presenting a series of models over time, which have been a reference point in the automotive industry. The Fiat becoming the brand that pioneered the democratization of mobility, making it accessible to the general public, has created an instantly recognizable design language, where functionality and intelligent solutions while leading to harmony aesthetically results. Panda, Punto and Tipo are typical examples of this successful philosophy.

Remaining true to the brand tradition, the new Tipo Cross offers all the practicality and usability one would expect from a C-Crossover / SUV model, expressing the design spirit of Fiat, but also opening a new chapter in its design language. brand. For the first time, at the Tipo Cross, Fiat presents the new grille that incorporates the brand’s also new and more abstract logo. At the same time as the luminous signature is now as important as the rest of the stylistic elements of a car, the Tipo Cross thanks to the full-led technology has a completely recognizable profile, during the day and at night, characterizing the new image of Fiat. The design of the luminaires in combination with the new mask, but also the protective elements on the bumpers and the sills, are the choice of the designers to emphasize the width, but also the dynamic character of the model. These elements are a clear example of the belief of Fiat designers that clean lines and the absence of “talkative” elements define a harmonious and timeless whole with the car’s profile being conceptually defined by just three lines.

The new design language of the brand, in addition to the shapes of the surfaces, will now be expressed with the application of new colors and materials, such as the exclusively for Tipo Cross color Paprika Orange, but also the details based on the innovative material “ICE MATTE” , which is a new, modern and extremely elegant alternative to nickel surfaces. With this material that does not require painting, designers combine two often conflicting concepts, those of finesse and dynamism, in a modern and environmentally friendly way.

For more information about the new Fiat Tipo Cross visit www.fiat.co.uk or to locate your nearest Fiat retailer visit www.fiat.co.uk/retailers.

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