New Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm on test

Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, tests the new Giulia GTAm in Balocco

In the historic center of testing Balocco , the CEO of Alfa Romeo Jean-Philippe Imparato had a first and enjoyable contact with top new Giulia GTAm .

And only the name Giulia GTA brings thrills to driving enthusiasts. With a special love for driving and sports cars, Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, had a first contact with the new top Giulia at the historic Balocco test center. Mr. Imparato wore a helmet, fastened with 6-point belts and had the opportunity to drive one of the prototype Giulia GTAm used to evolve the model, enjoying the unique character of the most powerful Alfa Romeo production ever built. The power of the engine, the excellent balance of the whole and of course the movement on the rear wheels offered an enjoyable experience to the Head of Alfa Romeo who did not hesitate to lead the GTAm to impressive angles, declaring at the end of the test excited with the brand’s new creation. but also the engineers who have undertaken its development.

“I was impressed! It is a unique experience to be behind the wheel and experience the fantastic performance of #AlfaRomeoGiuliaGTAm at the legendary #Balocco test center! It is with great pleasure that I met the mechanics of this unique car in this historic site where many of the legendary have evolved our models #ProudlyAlfaRomeo “

Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo

The acronym GTA first appeared in the 1965 Giulia Sprint GTA, a special edition based on the Sprint GT and “translates” to “Gran Turismo Alleggerita”, with the latter word being the Italian term for “lightened”. The modern Giulia GTAm immediately stands out with a number of features related to appearance as well as performance. The improved aerodynamics, the upgraded engine and of course the lower weight contribute to the new Giulia GTAm having the top ratio of 2.82 kg / hp. The 2.9-litre aluminum V6 Bi-Turbo, after engineering, increased its output from 510 to 540 hp, while through the extensive use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and Lexan, engineers succeeded to reduce weight by 100 kg, reaching 1,520 kg.

The Alfa Romeo GTA and the hardcore GTAm will be produced in just 500 copies and in addition to a highly collectible car will offer lucky buyers a number of unique benefits.

You can watch the video of Jean-Philippe Imparato meeting Giulia GTAm at the Balocco track from our YouTube channel below.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm on test

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