ATS Corsa announces latest RR TURBO’s improvements and increased sales network

ATS Corsa engineering, the motorsport arm of ATS Automobili Italia continues to develop it’s race car, the RR Turbo.

Performance and safety are the main focus of the ATS Corsa Engineering department. It is with the introduction of the new front Crash Box, tested through several FEM(Finite Element Method)analysis and simulation, and whose specificity is the integration of the radiator towards which the air is conveyed through specific channels, that the experts team has been able to further increase the general safety level of the car, firstly ensured by the strong Rollbar approved by FIA regulation Appendix J regulation.

The accurate design and the detailed optimization of varous mechanical details has made it possible to further improve the general performances thanks to the weight reduction of another3 kilos of unsprung mass per axle and the possibility of eventually installing as an option an even more performing brake kit, making the already very light Clubsport and Serie Carbonio, weighing 865 and 825 kilograms respectively, even more manageable and precise.

The combination of power, lightness and affordable prices make the RR Turbo a truly competitive racing car: 600 hpfor825 kg of weight, a price starting from €136.000 for the Clubsport version and €164.900 plus taxes for the Serie Carbonio version, are the trademarks of a car designed specifically for all those drivers who are looking for manageable racing car, fully adjustable according to their own experience to achieve performance targets at desired levels.

ATS Automobili will soon present the Carbon Series on track and will continue its recruitment activities to expand its sales network through partnerships with new dealers in Europe and internationally.



Increased Sales Network

RR Turbo is now available in Benelux and north-west America through its new officials ATS CORSA Dealers. ATS Automobili Turismo e Sport opens two more official stores. Totaalplan Racing (ats.benelux@totaalplanracing.be) is the partner whom will represent ATS CORSA, Borgomanero (NO) car manufacturer race division, in the whole Benelux area, while MAXRPM Motorsport(alex@maxrpmmotorsports.com)isthe U.S. partner that for the area of north-west America.


TotaalPlan Racing is a company based in Maldegem (Belgium), founded in 2004 by the entrepreneur Mario Martlè; in its first years it has supported several WRC Championship teams. The group of specialists, which counts about 60 employees, has nowadays atop-level experience and the Engineering, collision & repair department allows them to take care of the design and development of racing cars. Dedication, passion, motivation and results have always been their modus operandi.

Totaalplan currently has several divisions: the Racing section, with which they live the track on a daily basis with their Lamborghini Super Trofeo cars; the Motorsports section which will include Lamborghini racing team, ATS Corsa and ATS European Championship; the Racing Events section, created for events such as trackdays and roadtrips for supercars and finally the Karting division. ATS and Totaalplan Racing collaboration marks a crucial point in the development of sales network abroad, emphasizing the Italian company’s strong will to significantly have access in the European market. The Belgian company will take care of the distribution and a complete customer service for the RR Turbo cars, both in the Clubsport and Serie Carbonio version. In addition, Totaalplan Racing and ATS are planning the creation of the ATS CORSA CUP mono-brand championship for 2022,in order to make the excellent qualities of the car known as much as possible and involve professional drivers, teams and drivers from northern Europe. ATS and Totaalplan will work as one TEAM: TogetherEverybody Achieves More.

ATS CORSA NorthWest America

ATS growth program in the US market has started and the collaboration with MAXRPM Motorsport, which has already reserved some cars for its customer who race on the track, represent the starting point for the marketing of RR Turbo in USA. MAXRPM Motorsport is a company based in Brementon, a city in the state of Washington, founded in 1977 by manager Alex Raphael, a true sports car expert, manufacturer and engine designer for many sports groups. A team that include only the best and the brightest automotive professionals in the area, committed to quality, service and excellence.

MAXRPM Motorsport is specialized inthe sale, manage and service of premiumEuropean cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and now also ATS Automobili.

We wish everyone at ATS Automobili continued success with the Corsa RR Turbo.

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