Ferrari Under The Skin

Following my ‘Throwback Thursday’ series with my escapades and Italian cars I recall my visit my Brother J and I took to the Design Museum in London to look at The Ferrari Under The Skin Exhibition.

The exhibition was a part of the 70th anniversary of Ferrari and as such had been dubbed one of the most important Ferrari exhibitions ever.
The exhibition contained cars worth £140 million and a myriad of documents, photo’s and much more. It also went through the full process of how Ferrari’s are from technical drawings to using clay and wood to being the finished car.
The exhibition had 4 sections that give an amazing account of Ferrari’s 70 years, scroll down to have a look at what they had.

I highly these kind of exhibitions, they can give you a real insight into what goes on, fascinating to see and walk around. The highlights for me were seeing the hand written documents and photos as well as the cars.

Thanks to Jordan Lewis at the Design Museum for helping me plan the visit.
Below are photos we took on our visit.

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