Ferrari 812GTS gets the Novitec treatment

The Ferrari 812GTS marks almost 50 years since the last front-engined V12 was produced. And before you mention the 550, 599 and the 575, they were limited edition models for special orders and not full production models. So what do you do with a high end Prancing Pony that already delivers 789bhp from a 6.5l heart, give it to the Germans.

Novitec are no amateurs when it comes to tuning and modifying the upper end of the car world, working on models from Tesla to Maserati, Lamborghini and McLaren, they have done it all, and Ferrari are no exception. Previous works include the F12 Berlinetta, 488 Spider and the GTC4 Lusso to name just a few. They take what Ferrari have already produced and add their mark, all of which is available to buy online.

Rather than an all out kit, they have gone with a more subdued look this time around. New body features include a carbon fibre front splitter, new side skirts and engine intakes, finished off at the rear with a new multi piece lip spoiler and upgraded diffuser. Novitec state all the new parts were tested in a wind tunnel to ensure they increase downforce. Ride height has been lowered by 35mm, with an option to install a hydraulic system for those pesky speed bumps and potholes. Lightweight forged alloy wheels manufactured by Vossen in the USA finish off the cosmetic upgrades.

Power modifications are again only a small, subtle improvement. Novitec managed to gain another 40bhp out of the engine and and added 29lb ft of torque, this is achieved with a new lightweight iconel exhaust system. All this added together is a mild improvement on the top speed by taking it up to 214mph, an increase of just 3mph over the standard GTS. As well as the power and body upgrades, Novitec also offers exclusive refinement for the cockpit, the owner of the GTS can have the interior upholstered in the finest leather and Alcantara in virtually any color imaginable.


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