Unique Fiat Punto set to go under the hammer

A unique Fiat Punto to be auctioned at the GOCC auction

A perfectly preserved Fiat Punto 1.1 from 1998 is up for grabs and FCA invites you to participate in a unique online auction, the proceeds of which will support the 29th Final of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The subject of the auction is an automotive gem, a perfectly preserved Fiat Punto, donated to charity by a fan of the brand, Mr. Szymon from Katowice.

Almost every year, thousands of people of good will join the Allegro Auction for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, donating products and services of exceptional value to charity. One of the donors is Mr. Szymon from Katowice, the owner of the unique Fiat Punto 1.1. with a registration number starting with the letters KAC. It is no surprise then that the owner advertises his car with the words “The best Hangover in your life: Fiat Punto (13,500 km)”.
The auction is available at: https://allegro.pl/oferta/jedyny-taki-fiat-punto-13-500-km-1006363531

As Mr. Szymon writes: “In the life of every motoring enthusiast, such a morning finally happens: heavy awakening, tinnitus, overwhelming thirst, clear symptoms that something is missing in life: in this case, exceptionally, Hangover. There can be only one solution: purchase a young / freshtimer. And is there a better option than a car, the announcement of which on the popular »Classic Stock Exchange« caused an avalanche of nearly a thousand comments and two thousand reactions?

The most beautifully preserved and expensive Fiat Punto in Poland, with black license plates, minimal mileage, in excellent condition? You can, to the glory of Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, bid for such a vehicle at this auction: the Fiat Punto 1.1 55S purchased on October 19, 1998 in Polmozbycie Katowice, which has traveled only 13,500 km to this day. The car is preserved in an almost impeccable condition, which is primarily due to the extremely low mileage and parking from the moment of purchase.

The first (and basically the only) owner was a couple who used the car occasionally, only for weekend / holiday trips. The sad course of fate meant that the car spent about the last fifteen years (literally!) Under blankets in the garage. After the purchase at the end of 2019, the car went to an after-purchase service, which included replacement of the timing with a water pump, »body fluids«, a fuel pump and a flushed fuel tank (there is an invoice). A new battery was also installed and a technical test was carried out, which the car passed without any problems. The car fires up “by touch”, the engine runs flawlessly, as befits an almost new car. Corrosion-free car (except exhaust), healthy chassis and body.

Another attraction is the complete package of documents and “souvenirs” that the first owners received when buying the car in 1998 (warranty book, manual, set of keys, code cards, cases and cases), encourages Mr. Szymon. “The car is equipped with: metallic paint, JVC radio, central locking with remote control, colored upholstery, rubber carpets, crank windows, four wheels with hubcaps, windscreen fairings. As at the end of the 90s, taking into account the Polish reality of that time, the equipment was quite extensive.

The disadvantage (or an advantage, if the car were to be part of the collection) is also the 22-year-old set of tyres on which the car left the factory! ”.

This unique Fiat Punto car is currently being auctioned, and the auction is still in it’s 28 days. It is worth taking a look at this extraordinary announcement and seeing photos of the perfectly preserved Fiat Punto, and maybe also take part in the auction and support the 29th GOCC Final. The lucky winner will be able to pick up the vehicle at a Fiat Showroom and say “This is the prettiest and best Hangover of my life!

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