Pogea Racing creates athletic Hercules Abarth 595

Pogea Racing strengthens the appearance and performance of the Abarth 595 to create an athletic ‘Hercules’

One thing connects all automobile owners who find their way to POGEA RACING. Regardless of whether you are a pilot of a super sports car or a small car. Anyone who goes to the Friedrichshafen tuning company with their vehicle is looking for individuality and emotionality. He wants to unleash slowed-down engine power and add corners and edges to the bodywork that have fallen victim to the taste of the mainstream in the standard equipment. Disciplines that are very well understood in the southern German specialist manufacture. The latest example of this is the extensive HERCULES tuning program for the Fiat Abarth 595. Whether body modifications, sports suspensions, personalized forged wheels,

Individuality at first sight

The athletic widebody kit HERCULES differs significantly from the usual series look. The automotive refiner succeeds in doing this through numerous modifications: he adds widenings to the front and rear fenders, swaps the sills for his own creations and installs new side walls and ends for the rear and front apron. Additional optional air inlets for the bonnet complete the aerodynamics program. All these body components are made exclusively from the ultra-light material carbon. The customer has the choice between standard or fine carbon fiber that is prepared for painting. In addition to the available carbon fiber fabrics in standard twill, the customer can also choose between individual fabrics such as “forged carbon”, “honeycomb” and “camouflage”.

Unbridled power development thanks to our own dynamometer

But the small car that has grown into the HERCULES doesn’t just look powerful. Upon request, the southern German tuning professionals can release the Abarth 595 from its factory-throttled 165PS or 180PS and increase the engine output in stages up to 220PS. For this purpose, POGEA replaces series components with a flap-controlled MONSTERexhaust exhaust system and installs a 200-cell downpipe with optional thermal integral insulation. This insulation significantly reduces the temperature in the engine compartment and, in combination with the engine management programmed on the roller dynamometer, is largely responsible for the substantial increase in performance. With a torque of limited 350Nm at 3600 rpm, the Italian, powered by the 1.4 T-Jet, sprints from zero to one hundred in 6.2 seconds and puts a satisfied smile on the face of the pilot and passengers.

There is a choice of six rim designs

The recommended chassis and wheel-tire combinations are individually tailored to the widened body and the increased engine power: The POGEA Label V1 coilover kit by KW consists of four infinitely height-adjustable sport dampers in a unit with four progressively wound sport springs. This means that the vehicle’s center of gravity can be lowered by up to 45 millimeters compared to the series, thus specifically supporting the Abarth’s sporty driving qualities.

Ultra-light forged wheels in the dimension 8.0 x 18 “with tire size 215/35 ZR18 from the cooperation partner Michelin are used as the perfect wheel-tire combination. You can choose from rims in the designs “BLADE”, “ORBI5”, “EDISON”, “QM”, “XCUT” and “WILHELM”.

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