Oh No! A Fiat 500x Convertible could be on the way!!

If you follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) you may have seen our post over the weekend that according to reports, Fiat is planning on bringing a 500x Convertible to the car market within the next 12 months, no doubt to take on the likes of the VW T-Roc convertible (of which I have yet to see one on the road!) In our post we asked the question whether this was a Good or Not, well it seems the overall opinion on our social media pages was It is NOT a good idea and I agree.

It would appear, if reports are to be believed, that the big wigs at FCA think such a car as a jacked up 5 door Fiat 500 convertible is just what the buying masses are craving?! Although it won’t be a strict convertible like the afore mentioned T-Roc thingy, it will follow the convertible style of the smaller 500c, meaning roof pillars and doorframes will remain in place, but sorry I still don’t get it!

FCA ditched the beautiful looking 124 Spider, pulling the model from the UK market some time ago and have recently done the same in the likes of the USA and Australia, it would seem they feel rather than have a sexy 2 seater roadster we want a crossover with the roof cut off?! Nope, no we don’t.

We know these Crossover’s are a bit of a cash cow for carmakers and given the state of the UK roads particularly, you can almost understand why buyers would choose one over a normal hatchback or saloon – less chance of disappearing forever down a pot hole. But really, now it has to be a crossover with the roof off?

Instead of playing about with the 500x and creating something they will hardly sell any of, why not do something sensible with FCA’s money and give it to Alfa Romeo. Despite the Tonale being on it’s way, the Alfa brand needs more new models and quick. With the Giulia, FCA reminded the world that Alfa Romeo can still build great cars when it was launched a few years ago, this was then backed up with the Stelvio, undoubtedly the best looking SUV out there. Now we need more, Alfa Romeo needs a sports cars, and a new Giulietta to rival the 1 series/A class brigade, not to mention a new Giulia, which should in theory be only 2 years away.

So please FCA stop this crossover drop top idea and put the money where you should, not into another wasted car project that won’t reap rewards.

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