Carlos Sainz’s adventure with Scuderia Ferrari begins

Over one hundred laps at Fiorano for the Spaniard

At 9.30 27th January 2021 the garage door of the Fiorano track was raised and a minute later Carlos Sainz made his first lap behind the wheel of a Formula 1 Ferrari. The 26-year-old from Madrid, obviously sporting the SF71H in 2018, the number 55 that has always accompanied him in the top car category, completed a total of over one hundred laps on the inaugural day of his competitive journey with the Scuderia. Carlos began to interact with the engineers with whom he had already held several meetings in recent weeks and to familiarize himself with the mechanics and procedures of the car, many of which will also be valid on the SF21 that the Spaniard, like Charles Leclerc, will test for the first time in Bahrain, the second week of March, during the pre-season tests.

Parterre of exception. To witness Carlos’ first laps, in addition to a good number of fans and journalists present on the flyover of the road leading to Maranello – in the afternoon a banner with the words “Vamos Carlos!” -, there was his father, the famous rally driver Carlos Sainz senior, teammate Charles Leclerc and also the Director of the Ferrari Driver Academy, Marco Matassa, who worked closely with the Spaniard for three years at the time of Scuderia Toro Red, a team in which Sainz played from 2015 to 2017.

Fifth Spaniard. Carlos is the fifth Spanish driver to join the Scuderia. Before him Fernando Alonso, who competed for five seasons with the Maranello team, disputing 96 Grands Prix and winning 11, and the nobleman Alfonso de Portago, who raced 5 GPs with Ferrari, obtaining a second place in the British Grand Prix. of 1956. At their side also two test drivers: Pedro de la Rosa and Marc Gené, still linked to the Prancing Horse as ambassador and tutor for the drivers of the exclusive XX and F1 Clienti programs.

Seat fit for Leclerc. Charles, after following Carlos’ first laps, left Fiorano instead to go to the Vehicle Assembly department of the Gestione Sportiva where he made his seat fit for the 2021 car.

Tandem. Tomorrow morning Carlos Sainz will be behind the wheel of the SF71H again, while in the afternoon Mick Schumacher, driver of the Ferrari Driver Academy who will compete with the Haas F1 Team in the 2021 season, will take his place. The German will also be driving on Friday morning, while test driver Callum Ilott, also a member of the FDA, will close the five-day Scuderia test.

Carlos Sainz # 55
“ I think I will never forget today’s day. This morning the alarm went off at dawn because we had meetings very early before we started shooting. When I got to the track and saw the Ferrari with my number 55 I was very excited, the same happened on the first lap.
Then we started the work and I must say that I am very satisfied, because we were able to complete the program and for me it was possible to familiarize myself with everything: from the technicians to the mechanics, from the steering wheel to the procedures which are obviously a little different than the cars that I’ve driven this far.
It was very nice to have my father by my side in such an important moment for me and for making all this possible I thank Mattia, Laurent and all of Ferrari. I’m very happy, we couldn’t have started better than that. 

Charles Leclerc gives Scuderia Ferrari the go-ahead for 2021

Tuesday morning had seen Charles Leclerc left the pits of the Fiorano track for an installation lap on the 2018 SF71H, formally kicking off the Scuderia Ferrari 2021 season.

Departures and kilometers.  The Monegasque driver, who returned to the wheel 44 days from the final Grand Prix of the 2020 season, held on 13 December in Abu Dhabi, was therefore able to get back in touch with the team, procedures and driving of a Formula 1 car today. completing a total of over one hundred laps. Charles has followed an articulated program, trying several starts and working in anticipation of the new championship that will start in March with pre-season tests.

Watching Charles closely was his teammate Carlos Sainz who will took over in the same car Wednesday. Sainz will also be on track on Thursday morning, while in the afternoon he will be replaced by Mick Schumacher, driver of the Ferrari Driver Academy who this season will be involved in Formula 1 with the Haas F1 Team. On Friday the SF71H will alternate between the German, who will run in the morning, and Callum Ilott, the Scuderia’s test driver, who will get into the car in the afternoon.

Charles Leclerc # 16

“Getting back in the car today was great, indeed, great! Reviewing my mechanics, putting my suit back on, warm-up, putting on my helmet and finally getting in the car and pressing the ignition button… The sound of a Ferrari engine is always magical.

The day was simply perfect and allowed us to complete all the planned work plan. I really enjoyed it! Now I pass the baton to Carlos to whom I wish my good luck for tomorrow ”.

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