How Maserati smashed it with the MC20

The New Maserati sportscar, the MC20 picked up its first major award the other week after being named China’s Performance Car Of The Year, an accolade the MC20 truly deserves.

What Maserati have done with the MC20 is not only give us something we want, a beautiful sportscar, but given themselves something they want. It isn’t hard to imagine a meeting in Modena with a few Italian Maserati people sat around relaxing, drinking coffee discussing what now, ‘our customers wanted an SUV, we gave them the Levante’, ‘customers wanted more power in our cars, they now have the V8 Trofeo range’ so what shall we do next? Then somebody chirped up and said, let’s build a sportscar like we used too! Genius!!

To build a car because they wanted, not because 150 people said this is what you should be doing but doing what carmakers used to do, build what they wanted, design it and bring it to the masses.

The MC20 is a beautiful thing, a true bedroom poster car, it is what carmakers used to do, to design a car, build it and say ‘hey world look what we did!’ a car you can aspire too, a car that  if you have the means you really want.

So yes Maserati smashed it with the MC20 by creating and building something they wanted to do not because a think group told them too, the MC20, is a modern sportscar with all the latest tech but it is also a car born the old fashioned way, the way we wish all cars would be.


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