Alfa Romeo celebrate Giulia GTA in this cool short film

Dedicated to all fans of the Brand, a new Alfa Romeo  video is a tribute to the Italian spirit, performance, design, and the “know-how” that Giulia GTA represents.

At the end of the year which celebrated the 110th anniversary of the brand’s foundation, Arnaud Leclerc, Head of Alfa Romeo EMEA, Klaus Busse, Head of Design EMEA, and Fabio Migliavacca, Head of Product Marketing EMEA, tell the story behind the Giulia GTA project, the most performing sports sedan ever produced by Alfa Romeo. A super car to drive on the road and on the track, a gift that the Brand strongly wanted to dedicate to all Alfa Romeo fans and cars in general in the 110th anniversary year.

The three protagonists of the video wanted to convey the emotions they felt in conceiving the celebration of a true Alfa Romeo icon, designing, designing and building this car, a symbol of Italianness, performance, design and typically Italian “know-how” : from the first sketches to putting on the road.

Produced in only 500 units, Giulia GTA together with the GTAm version, where “m” stands for modified, is a return to the roots of the brand and a tribute to one of the most representative models of the Biscione, the Giulia GTA of 1965, the “Gran Turismo Alleggerita ”developed by Autodelta starting from the Giulia Sprint GT, which collected sporting successes all over the world.

The Giulia GTA project benefited from the consolidated partnership with Sauber Group AG, exploiting the know-how of the Engineering and Aerodynamics sector. With 50 years of experience in motorsport, including 27 in F1, Sauber Group has gained significant experience in the design and use of carbon, as well as in-depth expertise in aerodynamics. The Swiss team, in fact, is one of the few in F1 to have its own wind tunnel in Hinwil, Switzerland. So Alfa Romeo has entrusted Sauber Engineering with the production of most of the carbon components of the GTA and GTAm. In particular, those with an aerodynamic impact such as the new front bumper, the side skirts, the extractor, the GTA spoiler and the GTAm aerowing. Thanks to the manually adjustable front and rear wings,

The result is a car to take your breath away both in terms of aesthetics, with the large front air intakes and the huge carbon spoiler at the rear, and in terms of performance. The engine of the Giulia GTAm is the Alfa Romeo 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo made entirely of aluminum, capable of unleashing a power of 540 horsepower and with an acceleration from 0 to 100, nothing short of lightning: thanks to the Launch Control system, the stopwatch stops at just 3.6 seconds.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA | La voce dei protagonisti

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