Abarth sets a new Guinness World Record ™

Abarth obtains a Guinness World Record ™

Abarth wins the Guinness World Records TM for the largest digital meeting ever, thanks to the participation of all its fans who uploaded 868 photos of their car to the dedicated Facebook page in an hour

The large family of Abarthisti continues to show its usual warmth even in the year in which the appointment with Abarth Day was held for the first time in virtual guises: thanks to its Community, in fact, Abarth obtained a Guinness World Records TM . The people of Abarth gathered on the web giving life to a spectacular online event that has become the largest digital gathering in the world: this is the primacy of the Abarth Digital Day. To obtain the prestigious certification, the contribution of all the enthusiasts was required. ‘over an hour, they posted a photo of their car on the dedicated Facebook page, for a total of 868 photos, each capable of expressing the distinctive style and the most personal interpretations of the concepts of upgrade, performance and customization.

The Abarth Digital Day saw the participation of Ylenia Baccaro, of the radio program “Sold out” of Radio 105 in the role of presenter of the live streaming, of the DJ Fabio Liuzzi also from Radio 105, and of the digital creator Ema Motorsport, who connected at the event and performed one of his performances directly from Officine Abarth, revealing rare pieces from the Abarth collection to the spectators.

There was therefore no lack of performance and fun, in pure Abarth style: the best way to make the brand feel close to its public. The Abarth Community in the world, meanwhile, continues to expand: currently there are 87 official clubs, which boast over 5,000 members – and many others belong to the community “The Scorpionship” – which has been active for four years in the EMEA area and with over 139,000 members. to which it is possible to join for free through the site  scorpionship.abarth.com .

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