10 of the best from 2020

With Christmas Day almost with us I thought I would look back at some of my blogs from 2020, although it has been a testing year for many in more ways than one, life hasn’t stopped and the Italian car stuff has kept coming!

So let’s take a look at 10 of the best blogs from 2020…

The Alfa Romeo Barchetta You Will Want

In a motoring world that seem’s to be dominated by a new SUV coming out every week, what we need is something fresh, something that harks back to motoring greats of the past and yet is also modern and ‘with the times’, we think we may have discovered the answer…read it here

How Maserati smashed it with the MC20

The New Maserati sportscar, the MC20 picked up its first major award the other week after being named China’s Performance Car Of The Year, an accolade the MC20 truly deserves, read what we thought on the new super sportscar from the Trident carmaker here

What the world needs now is Sportscars!

It has been a mad crazy 2020 yet the car industry managed to keep bringing out new models, from SUV’s to Supercars but read my thoughts on why we need sportscars here

Ares Design Reveal Stunning S1 Project Spyder

Luxury Italian coachbuilder ARES announced that it will be producing a limited edition run of 24 stunning S1 Project Spyder sports cars, a stunning car…read more here

Fiat 126 Vision Is The Nostalgic Electric Car We Really Want

Fiat have recently joined the electric new power generation with their 500e, a modern take on an Italian Icon, but what if another classic Fiat was given the electric treatment, well it seems the clever guys at MA-DE, the international award-winning design studio based in Como, just one hour north of Milan, have such a vision…read here

Why Alfa Romeo Needs A New Giulietta

Alfa Romeo has taken on the likes of BMW and Mercedes recently with it’s Giulia and Stelvio models, read why I think what it also needs is a new 5 door hatchback…here

10 One Off Lamborghini’s You May Or May Not Know

The Show Cars and One-Off’s from Lamborghini, from the not too distant past, these are the cars that have Wowed us at Motorshows and for a lucky few even been able to add to their Supercar collection…read more here

Fiat Abarth Classic Makes Fresh Gaming Appearance

In 1976, the world welcomed the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally, a classic and iconic vehicle that still invokes positive images today, read how this classic Fiat Abarth made a modern return here

518hp Alfa Romeo Giulia GTE Is Electric Dream

Is it Sacrilege or Genius to take a classic car, remove the engine and replace it with an electric motor? A question asked by many then along came the Totem house creation, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Electric…here

Maserati MC20 is our Car of Year 2020

The New Maserati MC20 has been named our car of the year 2020, from the moment it was unveiled we didn’t just like it – read why we loved it here

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