Smart features inside the Aznom Palladium Hyper Limousine

After its recent unveiling at the beginning of November, the Aznom Palladium seem’s to have got people’s attanetion, becoming very much the subject of ‘Love it or Hate it debates’ . The Italian hyper-limousine amazed the public not only for its great dimensions (6 metres in length and almost 2 metres in height), for the power of the V8 biturbo engine capable of delivering more than 700 hp, and for its off-road capabilities, but also for the extraordinary comfort and the extra-luxurious interiors rarely seen in the automotive world.

It is indeed true that, when fitting the interiors of the car, the designers at Aznom took inspiration and made choices in line with what is usually the mindset at great shipyards when building large yachts: extreme luxury in a rational and comfortable space. Some of the choices can be explained only by having this approach in mind, in particular those regarding the smart features that have surprised most expert observers.

The CAN network (Controller Area Network) works simultaneously with the main controls of the car (the electronic system that controls gear shifts and mechanical elements) yet remaining completely independent. This management system allows passengers to control all the comfort features of the car from small displays on each of the four doors.

Through the same kind of display the driver, the real on board “captain”, controls the locking mechanism of the doors as well as all the windows, the cooling of the fridge, manages all the drawers and hidden compartments, modifies the lighting in the cockpit as well as the air conditioning at the front.

The passengers seated in the large rear seat control a totally independent air conditioning system. This can be operated from the displays on the respective doors that, in contrast with the driver’s display, doesn’t allow the control of all the features but just those on the respective side, as is the case for the front passenger.

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