Maserati’s Project Rekall teases modern Shamal restomod

Remember the 90’s? Music with Britpop and Grunge, Supercars like the Ferrari F50 and Lamborghini Diablo, the TV shows of Seinfeld, Friends and Fraser. As for the cars from the Trident of Maserati, they gave us the Ghibli, BiTurbo and Shamal, boxy with sharp looks, Maserati’s of the time had questionable build quality meaning those with the money to spend very often would still end buying a Porsche. But now it seems Maserati is addressing that, kind of.

One of the ‘better’ cars from Maserati in the 90’s was the original Shamal, one of the last BiTurbo derived Maserati models, with production running from 1990 to 1996. In that time, just 369 were made. Powered by a twin-turbo 3.2-litre V8, its familiar lines were updated by Marcello Gandini, and it was the final car launched under the ownership of Alessandro De Tomaso, with Fiat taking control in 1993.

Now however Maserati has taken a trip back to the 90’s and has introduced a new concept restomod based on the Shamal, complete with modern technology and all the safety and creature comforts todays car buyers want. Revealed this week on Maserati’s “Fuoriserie” Instagram account, the car, dubbed “Project Rekall,” is just a collection of sketches, rather than an actual car.

This restomod from Maserati keeps most of the Shamal’s exotic exterior, but swaps the exterior light’s for a new modern set, adding to the overall design, the ‘Project Rekall’ has a thin roof mounted wing, front bumper vent and very nice 7 spoke wheels. On the inside the interior retains the original Shamal’s cabin layout, however it does receive a new more modern digital gauge cluster and some extremely cool looking seats.

Dubbed as ‘a drivable love letter to that specific chunk of Maserati’s past that is so difficult to ignore’, it is unclear whether this particular render will become reality. A Maserati spokesperson from its “Fuoriserie” Instagram channel said it is intended to promote customization, showing “the infinite possibilities” with its lineup. While the designs shown on the account are “concepts that customers can bring to a real car through customization,” it’s not a place where Maserati showcases actual cars it intends to build.

That said, Maserati is keen for the social media world to be involved with the project; to “join the resistance, help us make the hard choices together we’ll see it through to the end.” also pointing out there’s no guarantee even that an original Shamal will be used – Maserati is saying “we would never touch one of the originals” and that it’s “still evaluating” the best platform and engine.

But we have our fingers crossed, never say never…

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