Maserati cars to be fully electrified within 5 years

With recent anouncement of a ban on new Petrol and Diesel cars just 10 years from now, and also how this will effect hybrid (petrol/diesel hybrids) models, coupled with sales of Electric Vehicles continuing to rapidly rise, it’s little wonder carmakers are plugging themselves in and pushing ahead on electric avenue with new models as quickly as they can.

Maserati have made no secret that electric cars will form an important part of the brands future, this week the Italian carmakers CEO has confirmed that ‘Maserati is to electrify entire line-up in next five years’ confirmig future models from the prestige Trident company ‘will be electrified, either hybrid or full-electric’ , Davide Grasso said during a fashion web event organised by Italian daily Milano Finanza.

Having recently unveiled it’s Trofeo range for the Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante models, next came the MC20 Sportscar, a car seeing Maserati return to it’s roots, developed at the historic plant in Modena, the MC20 is 100% made in Italy and the sportscar has already started to pick up awards, last week being named China’s Performance Car of 2021.

Next up will be the Porsche Macan rivalling Grecale SUV, the Grecale derives its names from the “fierce north-east wind of the Mediterranean Sea”, and if all goes to plan, preproduction vehicles will be unveiled in early 2021 with the new ‘baby SUV  initially offered both in a combustion-engine and in a hybrid version, although Maserati has said a full-electric version of the Grecale SUV is expected at a later date.

Hot on the heels on the Grecale will be the MC20 cabriolet followed by an all new GranTurismo/Cabrio model, “The new Gran Turismo and Gran Cabrio models will be electrified too, all our line-up will be electrified in the next five years,” Grasso said.

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