Aznom reveal origin of hyper-limousine Palladium name


The genesis of the name, as well as the history of the project, from the initial idea to the final construction, told in an exciting video released today by Aznom

The Italian hyper-limousine that has turned heads around the world boasts a proud and important name.

But why has Aznom christened its first automobile with the Palladium name?

It has to be said that the origin of the name can be explored in two different ways. First of all palladium is a rare and precious mineral, extensively used in jewelry and also present inside the car on the highly valuable removable clock.

Moreover there is no way of hiding a clear reference to famous architect Andrea di Pietro della Gondola, universally known as Andrea Palladio, unquestionably one of the main protagonist on the artistic scene in Italian renaissance, able to enrich the Venetian Republic with timeless masterpieces.

Still today many beautiful villas and palaces can be admired in the Venetian region, highlighted by their striking proportions and taking strong inspiration from classical architecture.

And without a doubt the balance in the vehicle’s dimensions and the search for classical style are indeed two of the main characteristics of the hyper-limousine Palladium.

The genesis of Palladium’s name but also the origin of the car itself, the long history of engineering and design to the point of final construction and birth of Palladium are told in detail by CEO Marcello Meregalli, Project Leader Matteo Bertanelli and Chief Designer Alessandro Camorali (Camal Studio) in an exciting video.

The birth of Aznom Palladium

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