518hp Alfa Romeo Giulia GTE Is Electric Dream

Is it Sacrilege or Genius to take a classic car, remove the engine and replace it with an electric motor? The debate has been ongoing for a few years now since the rise of electric cars and conversions, but what if you took a classic car, stripped it back to the bare bones and rebuilt it giving it electric power. Step forward Totem Automobili in Italy, after two years of design, meticulous craftsmanship, tests, thousands of hours, the team’s latest project has been launched with the first Totem house creation, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Electric.

Starting from one of the best iconic Italian cars of the 60’s & 70’s, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, Totem Automobili have created one of the most advanced restomod in the business, producing the ever fastest and most fascinating Giulia GTA. The Giulia GTA was presented in 1965 and in the following seven years obtained a series of successes and prizes which led the Alfa to be considered a legend. Totem’s goal was to rebuild a car which remembers in spirit and shape the victorious Alfa of the 60’s, emerging as a reference for sportsmanship and craftsmanship.

Named the GT Electric, it boasts a powerful all-electric powertrain comprising of a 50.4kWh battery pack and a mid-mounted motor that produces a staggering 518 horsepower and 692 pound-feet of torque. This lets the little Alfa Romeo does the 0-62 miles per hour sprint in an estimated 3.4 seconds. Weighing just 1,410kg, Totem says the Giulia GTE offers 224 miles of range on a single charge.

The conversion process started with a classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior 1300/1600, built between 1970 and 1975. Maintaining 10% of the original chassis, the car was totally disassembled, stripped, unmounting the external panels, the frame was finely tuned and stiffened by hand to grant the significant power increase from the original 192bhp to 518bhp. At the front axle they designed new MacPerson suspensions, at the rear axle incorporating a multilink aluminum system, connected to a new rear sub-frame, which supports the electric motor, in line with the semiaxle.

The body is entirely reproduced from carbon prepreg baked at 200 degrees Celsius and after the safety measures are complete, the vehicle’s arches are flared out and a raft changes are made, inside and outside. The front and the rear of the GT Electric were redesigned to give a specific identity to the car, to enhance the emotional driving experience and its sporty and contemporary character, whilst staying true to the original car personality and its legendary past. At the front Totem evoked the competitive fame of the Giulia GTam making it 180mm wider, selecting headlights in LED technology inspired by rally cars and a carbon front grille embellished with geometric patterns. The rear was redesigned to provide a curvy shape, while accommodating new LED taillights and two large extractors based on an initial aerodynamic study of the whole coefficient.

The interior has also undergone some upgrades, with carbon fibre, air-con, electric windows, and keyless ignition not to mention classic touches with wood and leather. The Alfa Romeo GT Electric features a modern car infotainment designed in vintage style. The rear seats are removed to extend space needed for the front seats and to accomodate the battery pack. Original front seats are replaced with new designed carbon fibre and genuine leather seats drawn by recalling the race world and the notorious 1750 Giulia GT seats. Complete with a reinterpretation of the Hellebore by Momo steering wheel, made of aluminum and genuine leather to maintain that sporty and stylish feel.

The Alfa Romeo GT Electric is designed and handcrafted to adapt to the customer’s body, almost like an Italian tailored suit. Offering this personalized approach to customers it extends to the car details to assure a custom vehicle that meets each buyers personal preferences. Seats are molded according to the body shape, the position and size of the car’s pedals are designed and built in line even down to the shoe size and that steering wheel is positioned to fit the measure of the shoulders.

It truly is a beautiful thing, the GT Electric embodies the emotion and passion of the original classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA bringing it bang up to date in the new electric era, truly putting these elements together in electric dreams for the lucky few. No word as yet on how much the Totem GT Electric will cost, but more information can be found out on Totem Automobili’s website.

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