‘Slammed’ Lamborghini Urus Envisioned In Render

Over on Instagram, BradBuilds is a concept artist who redesigns a verity of car models and gives them a new body kit rework. Some of his previous work includes The McLaren F1 road car and a a really nice looking Dodge Challenger. This time he has taken his rendering skills and gave the Lamborghini Urus a whole new look.

Taking its original ride height to mere millimetres from the ground and adding extremely wide arches, it almost looks like something Lamborghini would have created themselves to sit along side the Veneno or the Terzo Millennio. The front splitter wraps around the front and connects both the arches together, with a subtle gap in between both ends to display more of the front wheels through the body. The front grill sports a nice looking wide hexagonal mesh, which will probably be needed to allow plenty of air in to cool the engine. The headlights remain the same to keep the raging bull’s look.

The rear has been given the same treatment. A wide overhanging diffuser sits at the bottom, with v-shaped fins at either end which fit nicely with the rear arches. Once again the rear lights are stock so you know it’s a Lamborghini, but between them extends a wing which adds to the final touches, but it would like great without it. Most of the added body work at the lower part of this Urus keeps the pure carbon fibre look, which helps break up the colour tone of the design.

Although BradBuilds colour choice works really well with the overall look and feel to his design, any other colour from Lamborghini’s range would still work, whether it be the Verde-Mantis, the iconic metallic green from the Huracan, or Arancio-Argos orange from the Aventador. But with these styles, opinion is usually split. Some will like it and some won’t, as it could be classed as ruining an already great car model. I personally like the look and feel of his work on the Urus, and maybe one day Lamborghini will create a real world version of this rendering.



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