Say Hello To The 1000hp Fiat Multipla!

A Fiat Multipla that doesn’t look bad

When Fiat launched the Multipla back in 1998, it was met with a lot of negativity based purely on look. Granted, it wasn’t  the best looking MPV at the time, it even won Top Gears ‘ugliest car’ of 2000. But like it or not, a new envisioned version has been created that makes it look like a proper contender for ‘fastest and ugliest car’.

The creation was made Alan DeRosier, a visual artist who rendered an idea from a fellow petrolhead. The idea was to take the Multipla and a 1000 horsepower engine, and bolt the two together. A lot of French designs have been incorporated in the high powered machine, it’s quite obvious to see a lot of stylings have been taken from the Renault Clio, but still retains its roots in the Italian people carrier.

The beauty of this, is that the creators have raised a significant amount of money through crowdfunding, that this proposed model could soon become reality. Although the real world car will most likely change from the design concept, it’s still going to be an exciting thing to see on any drag strip. We will have to wait and see if it does ever become more than drawings, but it will be something to behold. Hopefully we will see the 1000tipa soon.

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