Pagani Teases Huayra R Track Edition

Announced a few days ago and expected to be unveiled next month, Pagani have given us the first look at their new track monster, the Huayra R.

This beefed up version of the already powerful Huayra, but with all the new aero kit that’s trying to hide under camouflage, it looks like this could be a track model only. With the nose lowered and given a more rounded look, to the huge rear wing and diffuser, this version will also sport race-like vents over the wheels, but still retains the huge bonnet heat extraction vents from the original Huayra.

Aside from the exterior upgrades, it is believed the engine will be a variant from the standard model. It’s expected to house the same 6.0litre AMG V12, but dropping the twin turbochargers and instead opting for a naturally asprirated version, with the air being drawn in from the new large air scoop atop the roof, and leading down to mid/rear mounted engine bay. It’s predicted that the power output could still range between 850-900bhp.

As it’s expected to be a track hungry car, Pagani could go down the route Ferrari took with the FXX, where the car is delivered to any race track around the world for the owner to have with, only to be taken back to the factory at the end of the day. If that becomes the case, it will have the sanctioned race harness around the bucket seat and internal fire extinguishers. It’s doubtful any owners can take it home and park in the driveway.

It’s likely this will be the successor to the Zonda R, but could also be the last version of the Huayra built. It’s rumoured Pagani will unveil the new track model On the 12th of November, with an official launch at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

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