Novitec’s Monster of a Ferrari Monza

When you have a limited run of a special from Ferrari which can reach a speed of 186mph, but you want just a little more out of it, who do you ask?

Novitec hears your call…

The Ferrari Monza SP1, which already houses the most powerful road legal V12 under its bonnet and is considered a rarity in the automotive world was given the upgrade treatment. Novitec, a renowned tuning firm showed the world that no car is to expensive or rare to be modified. Although only minor changes were completed, they still managed to stretch out another 34bhp without even touching the engine.

34 horsepower doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering that it had 810 to begin with, they managed to add another 45lb foot of torque. This was achieved by installing a whole new exhaust system made from iconel steel, normally reserved for the aerospace industry. If you really want to show how deep your pockets are, you can push for the iconel gold plated system.

Apart from the new forged alloy wheels and the ride height being lowered by 35mm, you wouldn’t know anything has been changed. It still features the same single seater setup with the scissor door and the worlds tiniest windscreen. If you have any money left over, they offer an option to have the cockpit also gold plated.

So if your ever in northern Italy near the Monza race circuit, from which it takes it name and you hear a supersonic jet in the distance, it might well be the monster that is the tuned Novitec Ferrari Monza SP1.

Novitec Ferrari Monza SP1

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