New Lamborghini Track Car Teased

Via social media, Lamborghini have teased us with an image of what looks to be a new track spec car, which will give a whole new meaning to ‘raging bull’.

At first glance it looks like a new convertible, but at closer inspection, you’ll find that this is a completely roofless model. It appears to be based on the Essenza SCV12, just missing the huge rear wing, and roof. When the SCV12 was going though it’s track shakedown, it sported the same camouflage graphics, but this has some added lettering to the livery. Down the side it reads “Attenzione Macchina Veloce aperta”, which when translated says “Attention, fast open machine”. This heavily suggests it is more than your standard convertible.

As we have no other information, we can only speculate for now, but it looks very likely to be a remodelled SCV12, which produced 818bhp from its 6.5 litre V12. Whether or not it is a pure track car or if a road going version will eventually become available, which could be highly unlikely considering that it it has no attachable canopy, only time will tell. This isn’t the first roofless model we have seen from Lamborghini, as they built the one off Aventador J launched back in 2012. Hopefully we will get more information soon about this new raging bull.

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