New Fiat Panda arrives as loveable small Car celebrates 40 years!

Here comes the New Panda … And celebrates its first 40 years!

The New Panda celebrates its first 40 years and for the occasion, the functional icon of Fiat is renewed and expands the family with the New Panda Sport. In addition, the range is now available in five trim levels that represent the model’s three new souls. This will make it easier to choose the version that best meets the tastes and needs of those who are more attentive to city style (the Life soul with the Panda and City Life fittings); of those who prefer a dynamic life with a strong personality (the Sport soul with the new Sport version); and finally, lovers of the freedom to travel in any context (the Cross soul with the City Cross and Cross settings).

The New Panda therefore represents the natural evolution of an invention that in 40 years of life has always been synonymous with friendliness, ease of use and versatility. Panda is all this and something more: a “brand” full of rational and emotional values, a symbol of freedom to travel but also a product that has entered the collective memory like other objects born of Italian creativity: from the Fiat 500 to the Vespa Piaggio , from Moka Bialetti to Bruno Munari’s Cube.

“From 1980 to today, the iconic Fiat city-car has been able to win everyone’s heart, becoming the car of records: the best-selling car in Italy for eight consecutive years and leader, together with the 500, in the city market. -car in Europe with over 375 thousand cars sold every year – declares Luca Napolitano, Head of EMEA Fiat, Lancia & Abarth Brands -. The many special series that have been launched in recent years to explore unusual territories for a city car have contributed to this success. Among the most recent are the Panda Waze in 2018 and the Panda Wind and Panda Trussardi in 2019, thanks to which the best-selling city car in Europe has been defined respectively as “the most Social” and “the Luxury Panda”.

The New Panda is confirmed as the only city car in the segment to boast a complete offer in terms of traction (4×2 and 4×4) and engines (Petrol 4×4, Hybrid, CNG and LPG). All enclosed in a familiar, robust and reassuring “shape” that immediately arouses sympathy and complicity, both in use in the city and in the most remote mountain places. Without forgetting the peculiarities that have made it famous in the world: the compact external dimensions, the large configurable internal space and the original color combinations.

The “Life” world declined in the Panda and City Life versions

The first declination of the new “Life” urban world is the Panda trim level, the gateway to the range, an accessible car full of intelligent solutions that allow it to satisfy any type of trip or transfer. The second version is the real novelty of this world: the New Panda City Life, the central version of the range that satisfies those who are looking for the best relationship between price and product substance in a city-car, without sacrificing an attractive style. and distinctive. The design of the Panda City Life is characterized by the new specific bumpers, the mudguards, the inserts in the side skirts and the new 15 “” Life “rims that perfectly match the numerous contrasting black elements offered as standard: from the longitudinal bars to the side protective strips, from the mirror caps to the external handles. The urban characterization is also present inside the passenger compartment where there are the two-tone gray fabric seats and the anthracite-colored dashboard, the manual air conditioning and the DAB Mobile Radio with Bluetooth 2.1, the special support forsmartphone installed on the dashboard and the controls on the fly. On request the new radio ouchscreen  7 ” with digital system DAB, Apple CarPlay predisposition TM and Android Auto compatible TM and housing smartphone.

The brand new Panda Sport for a customer inclined to a dynamic lifestyle

Intended for a young, dynamic customer attracted by a sporty style with a strong personality, the New Panda Sport completes the “Fiat Sport family” which already includes several models.
The brand new version is immediately recognizable thanks to distinctive aesthetic elements: the new 16 ”bi-color“ Sport ”alloy wheels with black / red gems; the handles and the mirror caps in body color, the latter on request can be in glossy black in combination with the black roof (optional); and the exclusive chrome “Sport” logo on the side panel above the direction indicator. In addition, the new and exclusive Matt Gray livery is available.

The same gritty characterization is found inside where the new titanium-colored dashboard, the specific door panels in eco-leather, the new imperial black and the new seats with dark gray upholstery, the details in techno-leather, the side bands in fabric and red stitching. And for the customer who wants an even more gritty image, the New Panda Sport can be equipped, on request, with the brand new Pandemonium Pack – a clear tribute to the homonymous kit launched in 2006 on the Panda 100 HP – which includes red brake calipers, tinted windows and the brand-new techno-leather steering wheel with red stitching.
Finally, among the standard features, the new  7 ” Touchscreen radio with DAB digital system, Apple CarPlay TM readyand Android Auto TM compatibility and smartphone housing .

The Cross and City Cross versions dedicated to lovers of freedom

The third soul of the New Panda is the “Cross” one, declined in the City Cross and Cross trim levels which offer a distinctive and off-road character. From today both versions are available with 4×2 or 4×4 drive, the mild hybrid engine or methane fuel.
In detail, the New Panda City Cross has been designed to satisfy customers looking for a city car with the look of an off-road car at an affordable price: it is therefore a means with which to take an escape from the daily routine, to immerse yourself in exciting urban adventures. Aesthetically, the new model features a new pastel Blue Ceramic livery that perfectly matches the new two-tone (blue and black) techno-leather upholstery on the door panels and seats, the latter embellished with silver stitching and equipped with side bands in fabric. The automatic climate control system LA and the new  7 ” touchscreen RAdio with Apple CarPlay TM / Android Auto TM are standard in the center of the dashboard. The new Panda City Cross is completed by the fog lights, the LED DRL headlights and some black elements, such as the longitudinal bars on the roof and the side moldings, which accentuate its urban look.
Finally, the new range is completed with the Panda Cross, the top-of-the-range set-up with an off-road character and appearance with maximum equipment for those who do not seek compromises. It features new 15 ”“ Cross ”Style rims, double red tow hook at the bottom of the bumper grille, chrome paint for the bumper shields, longitudinal bars and side bumper strips with embossed black“ Cross ”lettering.
The rich standard equipment includes rear parking sensors, automatic climate control, leather steering wheel, new door panels in black techno-leather, new “woody” dashboard made with recycled materials and new  7 ” Touchscreen system complete with DAB digital radio , Apple CarPlay TM ready and Android Auto TM compatibility and smartphone housing. Also new are the two-tone seats made, with an eye to sustainability, whose central part is spun with a special eco-friendly fabric made with at least 37% recycled plastic of terrestrial origin. The seats are embellished with brown fabric side stitching and eco-leather details and specific “Cross” logo.

New generation infotainment

For the first time, the new 7 ” color touchscreen system is launched on the model , complete with DAB digital radio, Apple CarPlay TM preparation and Android Auto TM compatibility  that perfectly integrate the smartphone , which can be positioned in the practical housing above the radio. users can thus make calls, access their music, send and receive messages, get directions optimized according to traffic conditions, and much more while remaining focused on the road.

The new Mild Hybrid engine is now available across the range

Launched last February on the Panda Hybrid Launch Edition, the exclusive special series that debuted at the same time as the 500 Hybrid Launch Edition, today the Mild Hybrid technology is available on the entire range of the New Panda, thus ensuring all the advantages of a efficient, compact, light and accessible hybrid engine. In short, the best solution for a city car, consistent with the Fiat approach that has always been a pioneer in technology and an innovator in mobility and is now increasingly sustainable.
The Mild Hybrid petrol engine combines the new 1 liter 3-cylinder engine of the Firefly family, with 70 HP (51.5 kW) – compliant with the Euro 6D Final standard – with a BSG (Belt integrated Starter Generator) electric motor which allows to recover energy during braking and deceleration, store it in an 11 Ah capacity lithium battery, and exploit it, with a peak power of 3.6 kW, to restart the thermal engine after a stop in gear and to assist it in acceleration phase.
Compared to the 69 HP 1.2 Fire engine, the Mild Hybrid engine on the Panda model reduces fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions, up to 30%, ensuring the same performance, and also ensures a very high level of comfort, even during restart. In fact, the BSG system allows the heat engine to restart extremely silently and without vibrations during the stopping and restarting phases.
The transmission adopts the new 6-speed gearbox, designed to further optimize the range of use of the engine. The New Panda Hybrid allows the customer to access all the advantages of homologation as a hybrid vehicle and ensures, according to local regulations, a series of benefits such as freedom of access and circulation in urban centers, reduction of the cost of parking in the center and concessions. tax, according to local regulations.

D-Fence pack by Mopar

The New Panda can be equipped, on request, with the D-Fence package by Mopar, consisting of three devices for maximum car hygiene: a filter that traps impurities arriving from the outside, blocks particulate matter and practically 100 % of allergens, and reduces the formation of mold and bacteria by 98%; an air purifier inside the passenger compartment, which filters micro-particles, such as pollen or bacteria; a UV lamp that helps sanitize all contact surfaces such as steering wheel, gearbox and seats.

Forty years of records in the segment, excelling in the Eco, Tech, Distinctiveness and Fun fields

Retracing the history of Fiat Panda means leafing through the album of memories of a forty-year-old who has been able to ride time by evolving, while always remaining true to herself. Here is the secret of the success of the Fiat city-car par excellence: a car “for all occasions” renamed – after its launch in 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show – the “magic box” full of original, ingenious and surprising ideas. To tell forty years of successes of the Italian icon, the brand has made three videos – dedicated to Powertrain , Style and Smart Solution – in which Luca Napolitano, Head of EMEA Fiat, Lancia & Abarth Brands, looked to the past, discovering the secrets of Panda, but also the future of this timeless car.

In a nutshell, the Panda has always been the bearer of innovation in its segment. For example, in the Eco area, the Panda Elettra (1990) was among the first mass-produced electric cars in Europe while the Panda Natural Power (2006) was the first in the methane-powered category to be produced on large scale; followed the following year by the Panda EasyPower with LPG fueling. And this year the Panda Hybrid Launch Edition was the first Fiat car, together with the 500, with a mild hybrid engine, ready to revolutionize urban mobility. If we then consider technological innovation, the Fiat model knows no comparison: in 1983 it was the first city car with all-wheel drive and in 2013 the first in its class to introduce automatic emergency braking.4×4 Magazine . And the long series of records continues even in the more “fun” sphere: in 2004 it was the first city car to reach the 5,200 meters of base camp on Everest; in and in 2017 a Panda Cross 4×4 overcame the legendary Dakar raid, winning the palmares of the first Italian car, the first Fiat model and the first car derived from a production car to accomplish this feat. But records never end for the Fiat Panda: in fact, in addition to having reached the quota of almost eight million units sold in 40 years, this year the Fiat Panda is still the queen of sales in Italy – for eight years it has been the best-selling car ever – and confirms its leadership in Europe with growth compared to 2019 (+ 3%) and the highest share ever reached since 2012 (17.1%).

*For more information about the Fiat range visit www.fiat.co.uk or to locate your nearest Fiat retailer visit www.fiat.co.uk/retailers.

Fiat Panda | 40 years of success: small car, smart solutions

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