Lamborghini Celebrates “With Italy, For Italy” Project

Automobili Lamborghini project: “With Italy, For Italy” 20 Italian photographers for 20 regions, plus a cameo by Letizia Battaglia for Palermo, in support of Italy

A large-scale photographic project, celebrating the treasures of Italy, highlights the country’s unique qualities throughout its 20 regions: Automobili Lamborghini launches the initiative “With Italy, For Italy. 21 views for a new drive”, with the objective of reinvigorating the country’s image, sending a positive signal of rebirth following the Covid-19 emergency.

The Italian super sports car manufacturer has gathered 20 of the country’s top photographic talents, who will highlight the ethos, uniqueness and excellence of Italy’s 20 regions alongside 20 Lamborghini models. The twenty selected artists are joined by the celebrated photographer Letizia Battaglia, commissioned to produce a special interpretation of her home city, Palermo. The journey concept demonstrates Lamborghini’s love for its home country, with the aim of shining new light on the extraordinary wealth of treasures it harbors.

Guido Piovene wrote in his ‘Viaggio in Italia’ that “Italy, as a whole, is a kind of prism, which seems to contain and reflect all of the Earth’s landscapes”. To do justice to this amazingly variegated land, Lamborghini has brought together artists from various disciplines of contemporary photography, to capture the country’s multifaceted essence through different styles and creative visions.

Serving as art director for the project is Stefano Guindani, a noted fashion and lifestyle photographer who, together with Lamborghini, oversaw the scouting, selection and briefing phase. Besides Guindani, the team includes other photographers working in fashion, streetstyle and design (Piero Gemelli, Vincenzo Grillo and Guido Taroni); reportage photographers (Gabriele Micalizzi, Fulvio Bugani, Alessandro Cinque); documentary photographers (Gabriele Galimberti, Marco Casino, Camilla Ferrari), social issues photographers (Mattia Balsamini, Roselena Ramistella); architecture (Valentina Sommariva) and art (Anna di Prospero); car photographers (Wolfango Spaccarelli and Davide de Martis); a photographer from the music industry (Chiara Mirelli); a creative director and a content creator from the Instagram universe (Simone Bramante, @brahmino, and Marco Valmarana); all the way to a bright new star of landscape photography (Alberto Selvestrel), symbolizing Lamborghini’s commitment to younger generations.

Completing this diverse masterpiece of 20 regions and 20 Lamborghinis is a cameo by the great Letizia Battaglia, one of the most authoritative names in international photography. Well-known for her social engagement and her scathing reportages on Palermo, she was the first European woman to be awarded the “Eugene Smith” grant, named for the famous “Life” photographer (1985). Lamborghini shares the values and the sense of responsibility that Battaglia has always embodied, choosing her to portray the multifaceted nature of her beloved hometown Palermo alongside a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing & Communication Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, commented: “For us “With Italy, For Italy” is a project of great cultural and social importance. We are emerging from a difficult period of crisis, as Italy was faced with a serious health and economic crisis and now faces major challenges. In this context, we felt a strong responsibility to put the strength of our brand at the service of our country. As an icon of Made in Italy with powerful communication channels, we wanted to use the talent of Italian artists to help boost Italy’s image at a global level. This is our act of love and support for our country.”

“This is an initiative embodying the synthesis of quality, excellence and values that only Italy is capable of encapsulating. Social responsibility is an integral part of our business approach. We proved it during the emergency phase when we converted our production to manufacture masks and protective face screens, and we’re doing the same now by highlighting the unique and extraordinary treasures which Italy can proudly boast.”

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