Ferrari 812 Superfast Successor To Be All Electric ‘Cavaliere’

New renders of 812 Superfast appear, showing the Ferrari Cavaliere

In less than two years time we will get our true first glimpse of the new Ferrari Cavaliere, but for now we will have to settle with concept digital renders. As the spiritual successor to the 812 Superfast, this new all electric model will be based on the SF90 Stradale but feature the bodywork styling of the Ferrari 812.

With the now more common look of the long sleek bonnet, coupled with the short tail end, it looks right at home next to most other of the prancing horses models. It sports the same distinctive lines as the 812, but the rendering suggests a smaller interior cabin. The smooth deep grill at the back will most likely be cosmetic as it’s predicted to be an electric model, but Ferrari has previously stated the V12 will never leave the range, so we could see a naturally aspirated hybrid version.

Until Ferrari officially unveil the Cavaliere themselves, we have to settle for these designs for now, we could see more alternate versions while we wait until 2022, which should be just as impressive. Although the render in the Alitalia decals already looks mighty.

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