Ferrari 250GTO project comes to life

The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most coveted classic cars ever, and at around $80million the last one picked up at auction, you need to have very deep pockets. So what do you do if you want one but don’t have the funds?

Build your own…

That’s what Will Tomkins decided to do over a decade ago. Co-owner of Project Heaven, a team of highly skilled engineers who restore and produce cars of all varieties, bought a fire damaged Ferrari 400i and hand crafted a new alloy body, modified its chassis and then installed a new engine from a 575 Maranello. Fifteen years later and a few coats of Ferrari yellow, the home made 250 GTO was born.

The top of the engine is encased with a small transparent hood and lifting the bonnet reveals the naturally aspirated engine sat in the bay that generates just over 600bhp, nearly three times that of the stock 250. The frame of the 400i was shortened and stiffened to accommodate the new body, while all being held up by the suspension lifted from a Ferrari 365 GT4. All this together can produce a top speed of 205mph.

Pure Ferrari enthusiasts probably won’t like the creation, but at a cost of just over £550,000 if you wanted to purchase one, it’s a far cry from the multimillion pound value on the originals, and this is more likely to be seen out and about on our roads.


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