Maserati GranTurismo Set To Return

For a while now, Maserati have been slowly feeding us information about the new Alferi set to launch next year. But in an unexpected turn, the Trident brand have announced the return of the GranTurismo branding.

The new GranTurismo will most resemble the Alfieri concept car recently seen, which means yet another beautiful looking car from the renowned company. They have also announced a convertible option which will be due the following year, named the GranCabrio. Not much has been mentioned regarding what engine will power the new GT, the currently used Ferrari V6 and V8’s has been speculated, with a hybrid and a full electric option also available. But that all could change as Ferrari recently announced they would no longer be supplying Maserati with engines.

The usual luxury is expected for the interior with a four seater, two door configuration and will feature Maserati’s unique silk and leather which can be found in most of the range. The infotainment system will be the standard Touch Control System but with a few added extras. On the driving side it is also expected to house all the modern expectations, such as adaptive cruise control, lane assistant and automated braking at low speeds. It’s rumoured to also feature semi-autonomous driving, but in a GranTurismo I doubt many would use it.

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