Karting: CKC – Round 7 Preview

Where is it?

With the next round of the Cadet Kart Championship being in GYG, Wales, it has been cancelled due to Welsh COVID rules. This left the CKC Drivers with no round for October. Luckily we managed to get a race sorted for the week after at Teesside. However, many of the drivers weren’t happy with this as it was a non-championship round. As a result, the parents began to organise a private round at either Shenington or Rowrah. The owner of CKC (Matty Street) then stepped in and asked Shenington if they were able to host a last-minute round at Shenington. This time the drivers were happy with this as it was on the same days as originally and it was a championship round.


My thoughts on CKC so far

With the first year of CKC coming to a close it is time for a review. Although we have missed rounds 2 (rearranged to November) and 3 (tba) due to lockdown, I think that we have still had enough races for me to do a review on the Championship as a whole. First off, me. Although I still haven’t got a proper podium yet, I have had a few close encounters, and I will hopefully get one in the next race at Shenington. Even though I’ve not driven there before. Secondly, the racing. The racing is very close as most of the drivers are at even pace (usually around 1 or 2 seconds per lap from the top of the grid to the bottom). Finally, classes. This year there has only been 1 class (Cadets). However next year there are going to be 3 or 4 hopefully; Cadet 105 (105 being the weight), Cadet 112 (same as 105 but for heavier drivers), then Junior Pro Kart and Junior Rotax. I still have one more year at cadet level, so if it can end on a high, next year I can really push for some trophies!

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