Is ‘Agressivo’ The Next Lamborghini SUV?

In Southern America in a small office at the Brazilian Fiat Chrysler Design Centre, Fernando Fertonani worked away and sketched out a brand new concept for an all electric version based on the Lamborghini Urus, rumoured to be here in 2022. Although just a render, the Super SUV could give us an idea of what the successor to the Urus might look like.

The graphic artist created what has been called the ‘Agressivo’ and based on the Urus, this sleek yet aggressive look won’t be out of place next to any other car from the Raging Bull’s range. Although the Sian FKP37 released last year is officially Lamborghini’s first electric hybrid car, this would be the first to use the global standard full electric lithium-ion batteries, as the Sian uses supercapacitor technology which is more costly in the current market.

Although the supercapacitor power is more suited for quick acceleration, the lithium batteries are better for longer distance electric travel, which in turn is preferred for today’s car market. Recently the ‘Agressivo’ was making headlines as it could be a new limited edition Lamborghini with only 63 planned for production, however that now seem’s unlikley.

The styling he designed fits nicely into the range, with a mixture of the high end cars such as the Aventador blended with the SUV Urus, it has created a perfect mix to be called a ‘crossover’ model. The smooth exterior flows into the side and rear glass to make it appear it’s all one moulded piece. At the front are narrowed headlights and the usual low front air vents, with the rear sporting a full length brake light, with the other necessary lights embedded within. We currently have no rendering for what the Super SUV interior will look like, but we are hoping to see some renders soon.


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