Ferrari – Triumph in Monza at International GT Open

International GT Open – Prette-Abril’s Ferrari triumphs in Monza

The Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 n. 17 of Louis Prette-Vincent Abril (AF Corse-APM Monaco) took overall victory in Race 2 at Monza in the fourth round of the International GT Open. Twelfth place, fifth among the Pro-Ams, for the other Cavallino car of the same team driven by Stéphane Ortelli and Angelo Negro. Withdrawal, however, for n. 25 by Daniele Di Amato-Alessandro Vezzoni (RS Racing), after a good start.

Pro.  The start of the 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo is entrusted to Louis Prette who maintains the sixth position obtained in qualifying. The red n. 17, however, after a few laps she is overtaken by two opponents and finds herself eighth, fourth among the Pros.

In the second part of his stint, Prette increases the pace and, after gaining a position for the retirement of Di Amato’s Ferrari, comes to undermine Axel Nesov’s sixth place, very close to Christian Klien. A quartet is thus formed which also involves Ortelli’s Ferrari, which gives life to a beautiful and correct battle.

At the time of the driver change, Prette immediately enters the pits and hands the car to Vincent Abril. When the pit stop window closes, Abril finds himself fourth, second among the Pros. The driver gives the race a very high pace that leads him to overtake Patryk Krupinski and find himself third overall. Abril continues to push and on lap 23, at the first chicane, he also overtakes Marcelo Hahn to grab the second position. The delay from Miguel Ramos, race leader, seems unbridgeable, with almost twenty seconds of disadvantage but, 10 minutes from the end, the Safety Car is called into question to allow the removal of a car stopped in a dangerous point of the track suddenly clearing all gaps.

At the restart, Ramos and Abril are very good and with their move they surprise Hahn, who reacts late and makes the two run away. Ramos seems to be in trouble, while Ferrari seems to be faster. The two drivers are very close and Abril tries a first lunge at the Parabolica: the Portuguese defends himself with all his weapons, coming to touch the Ferrari in a defense maneuver, at the limit of the regulation that deserves a warning from the judges. Overtaking is only postponed to the next lap, when Ferrari no. 17 goes to the head. The final minutes are a catwalk of honor for Abril who celebrates a victory as well deserved as it is convincing.

Pro-Am.  It is the Ferrari n. 25, with Di Amato at the wheel, the brightest at the start. Starting from ninth position, she finds herself fifth, second in class, with the feeling of having the pace to push and overtake her opponents. The Italian moves to the attack of fourth position but suddenly begins to lose speed and is overtaken by numerous rivals, including the two Ferraris that follow him. The red n. 25 returns to the pits for a check and after an attempted lap on the track, is forced to retire definitively.

Meanwhile, Stéphane Ortelli comes to occupy the eighth position, behind the Ferrari driven at that time by Louis Prette. When the driver change window opens, Ortelli opts to extend his stay on the track and is among the last in the pits. At the end of the whirlwind of substitutions, on the nineteenth lap, the strategy adopted by the AF Corse-APM Monaco team is positive and Angelo Negro, who in the meantime has taken the wheel of Ferrari no. 48, finds himself in fifth place, third among the Pro-Ams.

Negro manages to maintain his position, but on lap 25, when he restarts after the safety car, in an attempt to defend himself, he goes off the track and passes over the curbs. The collision probably damages the car and Negro is no longer able to keep pace with the leaders and sees his opponents parade, finishing twelfth, fifth in class.

Next appointment.  The fifth seasonal round of the International GT Open is scheduled in Spa in Belgium from 16 to 18 October.

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