Ferrari Takes On The SUV World

After the demise of the GTC4Lusso, We are teased with a new SUV model due late next year, the Ferrari Purosangue.

Yes, I had trouble pronouncing it as well. We have been told the correct way is PURR-oh-SAN-gway, but I’m sure we will hear many different versions. Ferrari will have their work cut out, as the premium SUV market is already well represented with the Lamborghini Urus and the Aston Martin DBX. But with the expected usual styling, and three engine options, it should prove its worth against the rivals.

It has been confirmed that it will feature designs from the 2020 RomaGT, the long bonnet, short back and the Grand Tourers striking lines. Although the front grill will take on a more standard look, it will still have enough intakes to cool the engine. It’s expected it will be a three door configuration, but with a single half door on the drivers side so rear passengers can enter. The rear tailgate will take from the GTC4lusso to give a more practical use for the boot space.

It will have three engine options, V12, V8 and a V6, with the latter two also having a hybrid option available. The V12 will be the 6.5 litre currently in development at Ferrari. Their Marketing Manager Enrico Galliera as stated that adding a hybrid option to the V12 will add unnecessary weight to an already heavier model. The V8 is expected to be transplanted directly from the Roma, which is a turbocharged 3.9 litre capable of 612bhp. The performance will change as the Purosangue is expected to run all wheel drive, instead of the rear wheel drive on the RomaGT. No details have currently been revealed on what the V6 will be.

Ferrari have nicknamed this the FUV ( Ferrari’s Utility Vehicle) and will target the same level of customers as the Bentley Bentayga, so prices are expected to range from £190,000 to £200,000 when it launches.

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