Ferrari Hybrid 488 Spotted On Test

Based on current sightings and the buzzing sound of an electric motor, coupled with the roar from a turbocharged engine, we have had our first look at the new Ferrari 488 hybrid.

Spotters have seen two 488’s leave the Ferrari factory in the usual ‘none working’ camouflage, one in white and the other in black. Apart from a few smoother curves, the new version of the 488 doesn’t look dissimilar from the current model. But it seems to have obtained some subtle rear styling from the SF90 Stradale.

The engine is rumoured to be a turbocharged 2.9 litre V6, the same power unit used the Alfa Romero Giulia Quadrifoglio, but expected the technicians at Ferrari to make it produce more than the standard 510 horse power. With the electric motor in addition, it’s likely it could still produce the same 670bhp as the 488 GTB.

The sounds from the hybrid 488 are still the same you would expect from Ferrari, the gentle purr at low speeds and the roar when the accelerator gets planted to the floor. But with the economical output from the electric motor, this shows that Ferrari are committed to the evolution of the supercar market.


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