Farewell To The Ferrari GTC4lusso

Who would of thought a Ferrari estate car would have been so popular. With 28 cubic feet of cargo space, coupled with the power and control of a high end prancing pony, the GTC4lusso arrived. 

It was debuted to some scepticism, but soon found traction as this was in the Grand Tourer range, perfect for those long journeys. Even with the large transport capacity, still didn’t look out of place next to any other Ferrari model. It still sports a 3.9 litre V8, twin turbocharged, which could reach a top speed of 199mph. Then in 2016, they released the Lusso T, which Ferrari had fine tuned the compression ratios, meaning you could transport your goods upto 210mph, with 60mph in just 3.4 seconds. 

To keep it planted on the tarmac, it features all wheel drive and a 7 speed double clutch with updated rear suspension for when weight is added. The exterior of the car still resembles the most iconic looks of most of the Ferrari range, the angled headlights, circular brake clusters and the full length front grill. The interior still sports all the gadgets and luxury expected from the iconic Italian brand.

Earlier this year, it was rumoured that Ferrari had planned to discontinue the GTC4lusso, with a Ferrari spokesperson, as late as last month confirming it would stay alive. But it has recently been announced that production will come to an end, with no current replacement. They have recently announced a new SUV model with the Purosangue, which closely resembles the GTC4Lusso, but on a higher chassis.


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