Ares announce in house Designed S1 Supercar

Ares Design are mostly known for customising current model cars with their own take. Previous expamples can be seen with the Project Pony, a 1980’s styled body based on the GTC4Lusso. Also created was the Panther, modelled on the Lamborghini Huracan. Each of the above featured pop up head lights, and lets be honest, who wouldn’t want them. 

The new S1 will be solely built by Ares, a first for them. The hypercar, but at a supercar price will be a full carbon fiber shell mounted to an aluminium chassis. Housed at the centre will be a naturally aspirated V8 which Ares claim will generate 705bhp, although no official figures have been released. The low front end sweeps up and back down to the rear, with only the cockpit and wheel arches protruding from the sleek lines. Front and rear will feature double wishbones and adaptive dampers, which will be in full use to keep the car planted as it doesn’t include a rear wing for extra downforce, so expect it to be light at the rear at high speed. 

The two seat interior is split into ‘wraparound pods’ for each seat separated by the console. A leather and carbon fibre layout will great you as you enter the S1, which can have a simplified look, but is common for a lot of limited run supercars. The car will also have a custom made exhaust system, which Ares says “produces a deeply satisfying roar”, coupled with the 8 speed gearbox, it should reach 60mph in just under 2.7 seconds.

The Ares S1 is expected to launch in January next year with a limited run of just 24.

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