Eyes On New Maserati MC20

New Maserati MC20 Sports Car Spied On Test

Wrapped top to bottom in what looks like Maserati packing tape, the new MC20 has been spotted on the streets during test runs before its debut next month. The camouflage even extends to the wheel rims, suggestion a new design ahead.

The new sportscar is expected to run using Maserati’s all new in-house engine, code name ‘Neptune’ after the iconic trident badge. The new V6 engine will feature a twin turbocharged 3 litre which should produce around 630bhp, making it the most powerful Maserati to date. It has been quoted that it will house some technology from Formula 1, including a pre-chamber to keep constant ignition between the spark plugs and a twin injection system to greatly reduce noise, emissions and fuel consumption.

With a new power train in the works, they also greatly improved the aero bodywork. The low slung body will reduce drag and the new intakes will improve cooling. Currently it sports a small lip spoiler, which could make it a handful at high speed. Maserati have stated that with this model, we could see a return to the world of racing.

The Maserati MC20 is expected to launch on September 9th so we won’t have to wait long for a full confirmed spec rundown.

Images curtesy of Autocar

Maserati Reveals 630hp ‘Nettuno’ V6 Engine

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