Do We Have A New Ferrari GTO On The Horizon?

Ferrari have been pretty quiet around the new 812 Superfast that has been spotted out and about, but with them not bothering with any swirls of camouflage, we get a good look at what could be a brand new toy in the infamous GTO range.

The last GTO was back in 2006 with the 599, which had a front mounted V12, and those who have witnessed the new 812 have said this to have the same.

With no hybrid or full electric augmentation, it’s odds on this will display the iconic GTO badge. It has been speculated that this is just to drag around the new potential V12, nicknamed the F140ga is a 6.5litre tuned to add more power to the standard 812’s 790bhp, but still retaining the torque through the 8 speed double clutch to handle more abuse thrown at it.

With a new looking front end showing larger intakes and a new, larger rear diffuser sporting vents around the exhaust tips. It will be a while before we get an answer to if this will sport the GTO moniker, or if it will just be added to the ‘Competizione’ or ‘Versione Speciale’ range from Ferrari.

Images from autoevolution


Return Of The GTS With The Ferrari 812 V12 Spider

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