10 Amazing Ferrari Concept Cars.

Welcome to a new monthly article featuring a run down of 10 items from the world of Italian cars. Future lists will cover a wide range of subjects, but will all be related to the motor industry. 

With that said, this month we start with Ferrari and a look at some of their concept vehicles. Mostly made in-house by Pininferina, some by outside designers and some that never saw the light of day. Lets take a look and some of the wonderful and weird designs.

1. 612GTO

Designed by Sasha Selipanov, and starting with a standard 612, he envisioned what an in-house Ferrari GTO would look like. As it’s only a design concept, no actual specifications exist, although around 600bhp has been talked about.

2. F80

Estimated to weigh just under 800kg, this futuristic hyper car should reach a top speed of 310mph, and reach 60 in 2.2 seconds. Created by Italian designer Adriano Raeli, expect to pay around 2.2 million if it ever goes into production.

3. Pinin

Designed by Pininferina in 1980, this one off was created to celebrate the studios 50th anniversary. It was approved by Enzo Ferrari, who wanted more Luxury while being chauffeured around, instead of his current ride in a Fiat 131.

4. 365p

Intended as a contender at LeMan, the mid engined 4.4l V12 generating 380bhp was originally named the 3 posti, owing to its three seats, with the drivers seat front and centre.

5. 412 pickup

Created by a team in London, they took a standard 412 and an angle grinder, got to work to make something very unique for the high end tradesman. Featuring a stiffer and raised rear suspension for heavy loads, and an exhaust valve system so the driver can decide how throaty the engine sounds.

6. V4 Motorcycle

A concept of the two wheel kind, this sleek design has been inspired by the flowing aerodynamic lines of the Ferrari range. The V4 is taken from the Enzo V12 and features drive by wire.

7. Mythos

Launched in 1989, this concept featured a 4.9l flat-12, creating 390 horsepower, to a top speed of 180mph. Only 3 were made, two of which were commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei, one red and one turquoise.

8. Modulo

This ultra futuristic model featured a sliding canopy to enter the cockpit, and a rear mounted V12 5l engine. Only one working version was made, and was fully restored in 2014 and currently resides state side.

9. F150 Tensostruttura

Only existing as a full scale model, the tensostruttura was an early design in the F150 project, which went on to become the LaFerrari. Containing the same hybrid power and transmission found in the LaFerrari, but with a more curvy look.

10. 512 Michetta

The Michetta concept was Ferrari’s delve into the multi person carrier. With a choice of a six or seven seater, the six seat option does allow for bucket seats all round. Using the 6.3l V12 F12berlinetta GT, this bus can still achieve a 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds.

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