New Maserati Trofeo Range On The Way

Maserati have subtly announced a new range of Trofeo models. For the past few years, the top range models featured Ferrari’s V8 engines, but with the contact between the two coming to an end, this could be the last time we see them paired together. Via twitter, the trident brand announced three new models for the Trofeo range and will be expected to launch 10th August. With the hashtags linked, they revealed the Ghibli, Quattroporte and the Levante will received a new Trofeo version.

The Levante already had a Trofeo model, which had a 3.8l twin turbo Ferrari designed V8 producing 590bhp, but from images taken from testing it’s rumoured to have a larger 4l V8 producing more power. It’s currently unknown if this is derived from the original engine, or the new in-house Maserati engine, further denouncing the contract with Ferrari.

For the first time, a Trofeo version of the Ghibli and the Quattroporte will be offered, and expected to run the same 4l V8 twin turbo, which should make them on par with a BMW M5. Only time will tell if this new range will have the rumoured engines, or if they have gone down a whole new route. With only a couple of weeks to go, all will be revealed.

NEW Maserati Ghibli Hybrid

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